The Automatic Braking system of my car is not working at all. My car is 2016 CT6 with no adaptive cruise control. According to the owner manual, it should be able to stop or slow down by itself to avoid an accident of hitting another car or pedestrian. That feature does not work at all. I went to multiple Cadillac dealership and I was told they cannot test or service this feature. They all asked me to contact Cadillac. I called Cadillac many times and they asked me to contact to the dealership. So after 1 year of struggling, no one can help me. There is no escalation path from Cadillac. The senior customer service representative from Cadillac said everyone in the call center is junior. They can help me to set up Bluetooth or look up a dealership, but they cannot really do anything to help. When the dealership could not help, the customer service asked me to try my luck at another dealership. Their customer service representative even asked me to write a letter and sent in a mail to their customer service department. I did that last Christmas and left all my contact information, but after 6 months there is no one from Cadillac contacted me.

In 2016, Cadillac hosted a driver experience event in Houston. In that event, the salesperson from Cadillac showed me how the automatic braking works. That demo car stopped by itself to avoid hitting a fake moving pedestrian and a fake stopped vehicle. I must say it was very impressive. That is one of the reasons that I purchased this car. At the time that I was about purchasing my car. I asked the salesperson to show this feature to me. He said he cannot, but he said that I can absolutely count on it and he said it is the major selling point and will give me peace of mind. At that time, I believed him and I trusted Cadillac and thought Cadillac is a premium brand. But 1 month after I purchased the vehicle, my car rear-ended another vehicle. The so-called automatic braking system did not do anything. There was no warning or no braking.

After the accident, everyone from GM or Cadillac told me that the feature is not reliable, you cannot count on it. It was all my fault to count on it. There is nothing wrong with the car. But I want to know whether it works 1% of the time or 50% of the time. Is this too much to ask? They can show the feature to potential buyers, but they cannot show it to an actual owner.

The Service Manager from the dealership said the feature was turned off by GM because it gave too many false alerts and will cause much more accidents than it would prevent. So GM did their customers a big favor and disabled it. He said if I purchase a 2018 Cadillac CT6 super cruiser. It will work. Do I want to purchase another Cadillac? You got be kidding me. The service manager also said I was tricked by the user demo. That car is specially equipped to show what it would like if the feature works.

So what should I do? Can anyone let me know whether there is a way to escalate? Should the owners do a class action lawsuit against GM? In the Cadillac TV Ads., they showed the car drive by itself, the driver is drinking coffee or play games with both hands off the steering wheel. They know their cars are not reliable, but they still promote the unsafe driving. This is really bad and it will get someone killed or badly injured.