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Cadillac reviews are listed in alphabetical order by year. The following years have Cadillac reviews:

1975, 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003

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1975 Cadillac DeVille - Review by davesdeville - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Extreme comfort, size, safety, reliability, "pimp factor", ride, performance parts availability.

CONS: Gas mileage, handling (like you'd buy one of these for handling.)

I've had my 75 Deville for about a year now. It's definately the most comfortable car I've ever sat in. The ride is absolutely terrific, it glides over speed bumps and I can hardly notice them. Sitting on a 130" wheelbase, the car is 231" long and 80" wide, longer than most full size trucks and wider than an Hummer H2.

The 500 cubic inch V8 provides adequate power in stock form fed through a TH400 3 speed automatic, stock 1/4 mile times were around 18 which wasn't too bad for a full size in the 70s. Expect about 8-10mpg city, up to 14 cruising at 65 on the highway. The 500 was rated at 190hp and 380 ft.lbs. of torque, however for some reason they were underrated and actually put out 300hp and nearly 500 ft.lbs when rebuilt to stock specs. For a little more oomph to get the 5049 pound sedan moving there are many performance parts available, anywhere up to 600hp can be done for fairly cheap and more for more money.

Maintaining this car is pretty easy, it seems like there's plenty of room everywhere, and the engine compartment is absolutely gargantuan - it can be hard to reach the engine without climbing up inside under the hood. Being a GM and being from the 70s, there's no computer and parts are cheap. [top]

1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille - Review by CoupeDevilleRob - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Ride and handling, super-light steering, exterior styling, very comfortable interior, great on long trips.

CONS: Brakes aren't so great; engine not very powerful.

This car's best attributes are probably the ride and handling. Only the most severe road defects upset the smooth as glass ride and it handles suprisingly well for such a big car. The steering is super light, like the wheel isn't connected to anything. I personally love making one finger u-turns. The brakes aren't so great, don't go that fast (not that you even could) and make sure to leave plenty of stopping distance.

It's exterior styling is a strong point too. I think these are among the best looking Cadillacs. The interior is, as you would expect, very comfortable. My friend's actually fight over who gets to sit in back, they say it's like driving around on your living room couch.

Fuel economy isn't too bad either, about 16 or 17 in the city, about 26 or 27 on the highway. Speaking of highway driving, this car is great on long trips, you just glide along and relax.

And now for performance. The car well, uh, moves under its own power. It's not so slow that you will get killed trying to merge onto a highway, but don't even try to race anyone, you'll embarass yourself. The HT 4100, for all the horror stories you may have heard, has been trouble free in my car. [top]

1987 Cadillac Brougham - Review by ReagansRollsRoyce - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Majestic appearance, fabulous old-style ride, inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to maintain, extraordinarily comfortable.

CONS: Small mirrors, lethargic 307 engine, parking can be a challenge.

121 inch wheelbase, 76 in wide, 221 in long
Body/appearance: The Classic 1980-1989 trim: quad rather than composite headlights, peaked hood with standup chrome hood ornament, chrome bumpers. Silver nameplating with "Brougham" script on sides. Angular, clean lines define the corners of the car and make it appear even bigger than it is, especially with my Cotillion White model. Trunk is large, though not deep, rendering it smaller in cubic foot space than the Ford/Mercury/Lincolns of similar years but more easily accessible. Heated mirrors are helpful in cold weather, the mirrors themselves are smaller than on modern cars but perfectly adequate. Windshield wipers have chrome or aluminum holders and are the old-fashioned, easy-to-change-the-blades-kind. Only one complaint, the plastic connectors between the chrome moldings of the rear tail-lights and the body itself are tacky looking, fade easily, and dirty easily. One wonders why Cadillac designed them this way. The car continues to look massive, 'important' and 'expensive' even after 18 years.

Inside: My particular model has white leather with red dashboard and carpeting...very 1950s. It is not the pillowed d'Elegance leather discussed in DopeStar's review of his '89, but is nevertheless extraordinarily comfortable. It has the Cadillac crest woven into it. Behind the front seats are convenient storage pouches for road atlases or magazines to entertain rear passengers. Instrumentation is a mix of chrome and plastic, the one cheap instrument is the emergency flasher switch, however, this should not need to be used frequently. 80s style wood trim is present but is not all over the place. The doors are interspersed with little Cadillac crests. The car also has numerous opera lights. Seatbelts are three point over the shoulder in front (except a lap belt in the center) but are all lap belts in the rear, the last model year in which this was the case.

Comfort/Convenience: Driving position is good and is easy to adjust with the 6 way power seats in front. The tilt/telescope steering wheel should accomodate most drivers. Visibility is fine over the long front hood, with the ornament a useful centering device and a constant reminder that you are driving a grand, once-expensive car. The little lamps on the corners of the hood are nice at night as guides for the edges of the car. Twilight sentinel, a timer that leaves the lights on, is great for getting to your door across a dark driveway or turning on automatically on the road. Rear visibility might appear to be hampered by the limousine-style formal rear window, but if you adjust your sideview mirrors accordingly you will find this is not the case. Controls and buttons are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. The cruise control 'set' button on the turnsignal lever requires a firm press to engage. The wiper switch can be a little annoying to reach while driving but the wipers and sprayer themselves work well. Electronic climate control is excellent and speedy in warming up or cooling down, however, the buttons are little bit small and low. The remote trunk switch is in the glove compartment, kind of annoying, but it works fine. The sound system, a Delco-Bose, has exceptionally good sound for an 18 year old system.

Driving experience: The Oldsmobile 307 V8 that powers the Brougham is lethargic. I roughly clocked 0-60 up a slight grade at 14 sec. The slowness, though, preserves gas: you can still keep up with right-lane traffic and get 19-22 mpg if you stay in overdrive on the highway. Despite being slow, the engine is more responsive when passing on the freeway and is very quiet. The transmission shifts very smoothly. Ride quality depends on your taste. If you enjoy the cloudlike ride of old-fashioned American luxury cars, the 1987 Brougham fits the bill. It is pillowy-soft and filters out just about every bump. If you like what is now called "roadability" and "steering feel" this car is not for you. Turning radius is large, parking can be a challenge. This is a luxury car, not a performance vehicle, and buyers should not expect otherwise.

Summing up: A great buy for under $5000. Cheap parts, majestic appearance and fabulous old-style ride make for a car that turns heads and makes you feel like a V.I.P. whenever you're behind the wheel. [top]

1989 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance - Review by DopeStar 156 - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Very comfortable seats, gorgeous styling, very good ride.

CONS: Rattles, rear-window visability, small side-view mirrors.

Interior: Gorgeous, covered in wood, leather, chrome, and those little tiny Cadillac emblems strewn all about the interior tastefully along with the "Cadillac" and "Brougham d'Elegance" chrome script on the dash and the "d'Elegance" embroidery on the doors. The d'Elegance pillow seats are the most comfortable seats I've ever sat on, not even the seats in a new Cadillac are as comfy and relaxing as these. The only thing is with all that wood and chrome, there's a few rattles. That and the rear window doesn't permit too much rear visibility.

Exterior: Once again, gorgeous. I particularly love the rear and front of the car. I love the taillights and the shape of the back of the car, and the huge trunk, I'm also a huge fan of the rear fender skirts that are really more lowered wheel wells that cover a little bit of the top of the rear wheels creating a skirt-like illusion with still giving 100% access to the wheels. The front is another great part of the car. The hood features two chrome lines coming to a point in the front running right into the pointed grille passing the standing hood crest. The hubcaps are also pretty cool in the sence that they lock to the rim so it's pretty difficult to lose one on the highway. The only exterior flaw would be the mirrors, although very nicely decorated with a "Cadillac" script and done in chrome, are pretty small for a car of this size. They take some getting used to, but they'll shock you at first glance.

Ride: I would rate the ride very good. The suspension keeps things smooth without that waterbed on wheels feeling and finally, level shocks done correctly! Being a former Lincoln owner, I was skeptic about buying another car with air ride but rather than having four wheel air shocks like a Lincoln, Cadillac has only given you two level shocks that are in the rear and supported by coils so if there's ever a problem, your chassis doesn't hit the pavement. Mine has also never given me an inch of trouble.

Engine: With a 4,000+lb. weight, and a 5.0 Liter 307 under the hood, you'll be able to get around, but don't expect to leave any rubber marks behind at green lights. I wouldn't call it underpowered when compared to the HT4100 Broughams and the 307 is a great replacement, but it could've used the 5.7 Liter 350. However if the 307 ever needs servicing, there's lots of room and parts are cheap since they're Oldsmobile parts. With a four barrel carburetor winter starting might take a few cranks and pumps of the accelerator, but offers very good performance being able to just dump gas into the engine. All in all, it's an a-ok engine.

Comments: If you're a fan of the older Cadillac stylings and don't want to have to restore one, the '89 still carries the same late 70's and early 80's styles Cadillac is famous for with the dependability of a newer car. Even in a high mileage state, the car still proves to be reliable. If you're looking for a Fleetwood Brougham, shoot right for the d'Elegance packaged ones. You'll thank yourself later when you sink into those seats.

My Rating: With many pleasing aspects and some minor flaws, I'd give it 90%. [top]

1989 Cadillac Eldorado - Review by caddylady - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Powerful, smooth ride, great engine, great takeoff.

CONS: Repairs are expensive even though car is 15+ years old. Heater core needed replacing a few times at $300 a pop. Replaced the water pump about 4 times in the past year at $150 for the labor, luckily I had a lifetime warranty. Also had to replace the radiator.

I still own this car. Basically there were just coolant system issues with this car. However, I still own it, and I still love it. I don't drive it everyday like I used to but when I do, its the best. This was my first V8 car, and I will never go back to anything less.

I would definitely buy another cadillac again, and like Sal I want a 2002 or newer.

1989 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - Review by Kev - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Luxurious appointments, interior is extremely comfortable, smooth ride, adequate acceleration, handles well, nice sound system .

CONS: Gas mileage is a little low, no CD player, it’s a little tough getting over the ‘Little ‘Ol Lady’s Car’ stigma .

This is easily the nicest car that I have ever owned or driven. It is very comfortable on long (5+ hrs) road trips. It handles nicely with the four-wheel independent suspension. The ride is quiet and gentle. Steering is tight and responsive while the power assist allows easy control with the slightest grip. The brakes feel a little heavy, even with power assist (may be due for service) but still stops nicely.

The interior is soft and inviting. The upholstery is velour, very soft, very comfortable! I’m told by other Cadi owners that it wears well also. There is plenty of leg room front and rear. It seats four very nicely, five is OK but six, while doable, would not be comfortable for long trips (imo).

The mileage is a tad on the disappointing side, 15 mpg avg in city, 22 mpg avg highway. I think this is due to the Throttle Body DFI, the Port Fuel Injection would probably have increased the mileage and performance noticeably, unfortunately, this wasn’t available until 1990.

It has cassette but no CD, but I have adapted to using a portable CD/MP3 player with the system and also can still play tapes. The digital instrument panel is easy to see, looks good, I like the green color (have seen cars with red/orange instrument panels and don’t like the look as well).

If you are looking for a car to hold it’s monetary value, keep looking. If you are looking for an exceptional value/cost ratio and enjoy leisurely cruising, find one of these with low miles and well kept body/interior, you will be very happy with it as am I. ( cadillac I never though I would like a four door sedan let alone buy one… cadillac what was I thinking?…. cadillac WHAT’s HAPPENED TO ME?!! I’M TURNING INTO MY OLD MAN!!!! cadillac ARRRrgghhhhh!!……cadillac Oh, sorry..) .

1991 Cadillac Fleetwood (FWD Front Wheel Drive) - Review by Ralph - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Super smooth ride. The 4.9 sure has lots of good power and torque. I cannot believe it is only rated at two hundred horse.

CONS: Not much for cons that I've experienced. I suppose a MILD shake sometimes at idle, but very mild. It's my understanding the Northstars run smoother but it doesn't bother me. The only other con for now that I can think of would be for the Lexus driver parked next to me envying my classy fins and skirts that are non-existant on any new car today. cadillac

I've only got 31,000 miles, but it has needed nothing except a radio fix due to a faulty circuit board. There are stories on this Forum of cars like mine getting 150,000 miles with no problems other than routine maintenance. There is one with 279,000 miles from this forum and the 4.9 was still running strong when I last talked to him!

If these cars are maintained and cared for they shouldn't be much of a risk if you pick up an older one.

Things to watch for might be the air shocks in rear, and make sure the coolant was changed often along with the supplemental GM pellets/tablets. [top]

1993 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - Review by Cruzship - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Fast!

CONS: Not worth much anymore.

When I saw her, I wasn't even looking for a Caddy. My knees were worsening, and getting in and out of my Camaro was getting near impossible. As my wife and I were on a ride, we passed a car dealer and I said we should look and see what they have. All I wanted was a car-height car with auto, a/c all power. Didnt much care about anything else, I was in too much pain.

As I rounded the first row of used cars, there she was. silver with grey leather, 5 years old at the time, but looking brand new. As the saleswoman told me that that car was already sold, my excitement quickly turned to dispair. She took my name "in case anything happened" but I figured that was that. When we returned home , there was a message on the machine: The car was available now , and if I was still interested I should call. My wife looked at me and said lets go now. When I got there, I was handed the keys, and told to take her for a ride. As I tooled around eastern Long Island I was dumbfounded. A car actually made for a man of size. Deafeningly quiet, solid and fast...REAL FAST. I thought of all the devilles I had passed with small shiney wrinkled heads cruising along below the limit and what a waste of all this power that was. My wife was not saying a word. As we turned into the dealership, I turned off the ingnition, turned to my wife, and said " well, whatd'ya think?" What she said still rings in my ears years later. "Its the fattest-assed, most ostentatious automobile I have ever seen". My response? " Yea, but can I keep her?"

Its been 7 years, and 165k miles. I'm in it every day, sometimes for half the day, going to appointments. all weather, all kinds of traffic, night and day, she keeps on going. still solid, and fast as ever, and all the electrics still work. It has never faltered or wimpered, consuming Xmas trees in her trunk that all the big fellas in their SUV's has to tie on top. Getting 25MPG. The only sign of wear are the thousands of hairline scratches in her from years of carwashes.

She ain't worth much $$ anymore, but in a few months, I will be relocating to Arizona, and somewhere out there, there is a car carrier with her name on it. I wouldn't have it any other way. [top]

1993 Cadillac Coupe DeVille - Review by Night Wolf - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Stunning good looks, great engine and drivetrain, nice power, really good ride/handling, nice driving charactoristics, lotta trunk room and interrior room, nice well rounded car. Coupes are just that much more cool and rare too. cadillac

CONS: Engine is tough to work on due to limited space, I personally do not like uni-body FWD cars, but that really isn't the cars fault. the standard dash trim for the DeVille was fake plastic which I repalced with real wood trim from a Fleetwood (after I customized it) lack of any performance parts for the engine at all. Active suspension is expensive to replace, but passive kits are easy to get. More electronic gizmos on car = more to break down the road.

Interior: Being that the interrior was designed around 1983/1984.... it is dated by 1993, the last year of this car. when you compare it to other cars from 1993... and the 1994 DeVille, it looks really dated. But, that is what first sold me on it... it is classic American design with it's large, horiztonal dash. One thing I really liked was how the dash "wrapped" around for the driver, I found that very cool.

Information is on a need to know bases... and aparently the onlything Cadillac though you need to know is your speed. Without going into the on board diagnosis, you do not know engine rpm, temp, oil press, voltage etc... and with an 85mph speedo, even the speed is limited (digital dash was optional)

The seats are very comfortable, front is a 60/40 bench with dual power controls. the arm rest is very neat, opens up, coin holder, space for CDs/cassettes, any other junk laying around as well as a flip out cup holder that holds 2 cups. rear seats are very comfortable too with its own flip down arm rest, they have a cig lighter/ash tray each (mine never seen any use!) One thing to mention, the Coupe was 3" shorter then the Sedan. All 3" was lost in rear seat leg room, so in my car, the back isn't very roomy... but i have heard that in the Sedan, there is alot more room.

The fuel data center is very nice, tells you instant and avg. milleage, fuel used and range as well as oil life remaining. The electronic climate control is very nice too, full featured with outside temp option. other near by features on the dash are; window lock, twilight sentinal... very nice, and of course the multi-funtion directional stalk GM used for years (which I love... people complained about them !?!)

One thing that you notice.. there is no "center stack" the dash looks very clean, the onlything in the middle (and in reach of passengers) is the radio. I like that alot, not only does it look clean, but it prevents other people from changing your things like temp and fan speed etc... alot of things in this car, believe it or not are driver-orientated... another thing I really like. the right side of the dash is clean with just the glove box, which isn't all that big, but still nice size, in the glove box is the button to pop the trunk.

Other points of intrest, the car has rear AC/heat vents, they are moveable and there is a small wheel to control the air flow either on the floor or on the vents, which can be posiiton towards your face etc... This car dosn't have many little areas to put things like newer cars... the glove box, arm rest, 2 huge pockets behind the seat.. and that is about it. the Sedan gained a rear glove box on the rear deck, not on the Coupe though.

I can't really comment on the sound system, as the onlything lef stock are the front 4 speakers... the system that I have built is perfect for me. I also dynamated the doors... this alone brought road noise down, you can't hear the power windows anymore and when you close the doors there is a nice "thunk" the factory ssytem on my car was AM/FM/Cassette with 5 band eq. and 6 speaker system, 6x9's on rear deck, 5 1/4" on bottom of front doors and tweeters in the dash.

Exterior: One of the best aspects of this car... the outside. I persoanlly like the Coupe alot better then the Sedan... it just looks really good. A thing to mention, while the car is overall small, it is all in proportion, the fenders are ok size, the doors are big, the rear quarter panel... everything blends nice, the overhang after the wheels is perfect too.

The front of this car I really like... everything from the grille, hood, bumper, bumperettes, when you just sit back and look at the lines of the car, you can see how it all just blends together, the front has a very classy look, yet the bumperettes add a touch of aggression. When driving the car, you see the whole hood, I like that too.

The side profile again has that classic personal luxury car look... in fact, I often think of the Coupe as a Luxury Roadster.... it has that look to it that really seperates it from other cars. the lower rockers have plastic cladding, and the paint on that tends to peel off easily. the 1" strip of chrome down the side really helps seperate the car slightly also while such nice things as the chrome door handles with seperate push button... and not to forget the Cadillac wreath and crest etched into the quarter panel glass, these really add to the overall car. At night the Opra lamps are not very bright, but they add a nice glow to the sail panel.

The back looks just as good. The car retains the "mini tail fins" which look really nice. the tail lights on this car are perhaps the best tail lights to be put on a car, when the parking lights are on, all 3 blubs light up, the glow, the slim, vertical lens reall adds... it looks nice. another thign I like are the chrome bumpers.. they shine nice, and the whole rear trunk area is recessed in from the rest of the car, that is pretty neat too. Another thing to mention, unlike some cars where the trunk starts right at the rear window, on this car there is a space between the rear window and the trunk, it adds to the overall shape of the car, and is very neat as well.

There was lot of choices of wheels when new, my favorite are the stock DeVille alloy wheels. my car had the *optional* steel wheels with wire wheel hubcaps... it looks nice, as in older Cadillac/old person nice.. but I didn't like it. I bought a new set of 16" '98-mid '01 Seville SLS wheels, no white walls but a serrated edge tires, and it looks really good, they are Cadillac wheels, and have the wreath and Crest on the center caps, but when parked, they look great, and when moving, they really add to the car also.

Engine and performance: The car is rather light... 3,600lbs or so. the final drive is a 2.73. While a Touring Sedan version was avalible, they are rare. Anyway, I drive my cars "spirited" and much more then the average DeVille-buyer of 1993 cadillac the 4.9 is a very good engine and holds its own... not a NorthStar, but not a dog either. acceleration is great, 0-45 (1st gear) pulls real hard, after that acceleration at any speed is smooth and responsive, in its day it was one of the fastest FWD cars around, but today it still is one of those cars that to many people is slow, but it hiding a little muscle. the high low-end torque of the engine makes bolting across intersections and pulling onto roads very easy, also able to deal with city traffic nicely. It is completly possible to go an entire day and not needing more then 1/2 throttle input. Consdering who the car was made and marketed to when new, its performance is very good. My best time at the track, with 2/3 tank of gas, empty trunk, 1/2 tune up and a really bar cat. conv. that was rattling to no end from the many broken pieces inside... was a 15.9 @ 85mph.... not bad at all from a stock engine/car with (at the time) about 94k miles on it.

The transmission on the car, the 4T60E I have heard to be categorized as a "smooth shiting transmisson" it is computer controlled... that is nice because under part throttle acceleration, shifts are almost non-noticeable, but under full throttle, she'll shift firm.

One thing i will point out, of any car i have ever rode, or driven in, this is the *best* shifting automatic transmission.... it always knows what gear to be in, it knows the power, and the power band of the 4.9 and sticks in it, it never gear hunts, when exiting a turn a slight ease into the gas and there is a smooth downshift and a fluid-like push forward, going up hill it downshifts nice... I have never been in a car where the transmission was as "smart" as this car.

The engine is very reliable too, parts are cheap and it really keeps to itself alot. I do all my own work on the cars, and working on the enigne itself is not very hard... but cramming a (realtivly speaking) large V8 into a small engine bay dosn't work good... so space to work on things is not good at all.

The car has front disc/ rear drum brakes with standard ABS. the braking system on the car is fine, and perfectly up to the task of slowing the car down, even at high speeds.

The suspension, normally is Speed Sensitive and controlled by the computer, according to my Service SSS light, both front struts have failed. Still, the car rides nice... it has a "connected to the road" feel, but not so much as newer sporty cars... it is more relaxed, but you still fell the car doing whatever it is it is doing. handling is very good, by that I mean I have taking sharp corners too fast, and it stays on the ground, of course the tire/weel upgrade really helped, but the ride and handling is a very nice blend.

Another thing to mention with my car, with the new wheels/tires, they grip very good, I used to be able to light up the old tires from a stop, now if I nial it from a stop, they spin (don't lay rubber or squeel... just spin) but not for long... they grip very good... then the neck-jerking acceleration takes palce.

Being that the windows are the older style and recessed quite a bit, there is alot of wind noise at highway speeds... once you hit higher-then-normal highway speeds, the wind noise gets worse. I have been trying to find the Vent Visors for the car, which are hard to find because it is a 2 door, but I know they make them, becuase i saw them before, and I think that would chage the aerodynamics around the window and get rid of alot of the noise.

The car isn't bad on gas either, requires premium, 18gal tank. it should get you around 15-18mpg town and 25-28mpg on the highway

Another thing to mention, if you do your own work on cars, the *extensive* on board diagnosis (must have the factory service manual) really helps... there are sensors for almost anything on the engine... RPM, manifold temp, intake air temp, water temp, battery voltage just to name a few. Plus you can override systems such as shut injectors down, override the transmission control (so you shift it) and a host of other tools to help you fix problems. It is very cool for linking computers and physical work on the car. Plus, when something does go wrong, these cars tell you what the problem is, so you don't have to stand around guessing at it.

Problem Areas: some of the major areas are, active controlled struts, heater cores, EGR system (easy fix), hood struts fail after 10-15 years, alot of other normal maintenace work, and a few others, most the stuff are the hi-tech accessories on the car, and not the car itself though.

Overall: One sweet car! looks, power, comfort, reliable, people (such as cops) tend to easily over look it, does everything it should, timeless styling, great driving personality and a nice mix of technology make it a great car to drive. [top]

1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham - Review by 93fleetwoodlowlow - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Lots of power, gets to speed quickly, lots of room, turns heads.

CONS: Parking is difficult, small side mirrors (updated for 1995 and 1996).

The 93 Fleetwoods were extended 4.1 inches to give the new body style a total of 225.1 inches (18.75 ft) making it the longest regular production car. The Brougham came with a vinyl top. The 350 was a standard also with 185 horsepower and 300 ft. lbs torque. The 93s had 20.8 inches of cubic feet in the trunk and interior volume is 125.2 cubic feet. Total weight was 4418 lbs. Factory price of the 93 Fleetwood was $33,990. Wheelbase was 121.5 in., 57.1 inches tall, & 78 inches wide. The Fleetwood could go from 0-60 in 10.0 sec. and run the 1/4 in 17.5 sec. The Fleetwood Brougham could do 0-60 in 9.2 sec. and run the 1/4 in 16.9.

This is one of the best cars I've ever driven (if not the best). lots of power for only 185 horsies (it was up to 260 in the 94-96s') and it gets up to speed pretty quick. lots of room also. if you have a big family, this is the car to have. or if you like to customize cars, this is one of the nicest looking cars out there.

The only bad thing i can really say about this car is that pulling in and backing out in a small space and/or parking lot is no fun. Also, those tiny side mirrors (what the hell were they thinking). other than that, i recommend this car to anyone looking for a ride that will turn heads. mine does all the time. even the ricers stop and look now and again. . [top]

1994 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - Review by Stoneage_Caddy - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Reliable pushrod 4.9 pfi v8, great passing power, impressive fuel economy, nice interior, stereo system.

CONS: Requires premium fuel, high maintenance.

As some of you know the Deville was redesigned in 1994. For this year we gained one new model and bid farewell for another. The Coupe DeVille did not make it to the 1994 Model year. The new model to the DeVille Stable was the executive’s racecar known as Deville Concourse. Styling was kept inline with the new for 1993 Rear Drive Fleetwood.

Power train:
These cars were powered by the reliable pushrod 4.9 pfi v8. Making 200 hp and 275 lb feet of torque. These are not racecars by any means whatsoever. For a transmission the cars featured the 4t60e Transaxle. 4t60e standing for 4 speed “T”ransverse mounted 60 series “E”lectronicly controlled. All of this was in charge of moving the cars 3900lbs to 60mph in around 7-8 seconds and giving great passing power. The combo yields impressive fuel economy for the luxury car. With a light foot you can pry over 25 mpg on the highway. Expect 13-17 in town, stoplights turn this car into a gas sucking beast. The DeVille REQUIRES 20 gallons of premium fuel.

The 1994 Deville got the Speed Sensing Suspension system. This system adjusted the dampening rate over 3 levels over speed changes, full firm mode coming in at highway speeds, while the full soft mode came into play on city streets. Out back also features the automatic leveling system. A stiffer body this year made the Deville much quieter over the outgoing 1993 DeVille. This was the beginning of GM attempting to create very high torsionally rigid bodies. By the 1995 Aurora they would lead the world in this area. Handling is good for such a big car, but attempt to run it to hard and it will under steer. When grip is found the car will darn near lay on the door handles in a turn. Like I said this isn’t a racecar.

The Sedan Deville’s interior is tame and comfortable. All Sedans had a column mounted shifter, bench seat and tons of room for 6. Trimmed in zebrano wood the interior is quite handsome. The typical mafia Spec trunk measures 20 cubic feet. Small when compared the Lincoln Town Cars more useable 23 cubic feet. Then there is all the power goodies to make your trip comfortable. The Instrument cluster displays “oil life”, “timer”,”avg speed”,”avg mpg”, among a host of other messages and displays. There is a separate area to let you know how you’re doing as far a fuel mileage going, showing average mpg and mile to empty, along with instant mpg. Instant mpg makes a handy tool to see how well the car is running. The stock stereo system has to be one of the best offered in 1994.

Safety :
This is the first year of the Cadillac “AirBank System”. Cadillac claims that this system yields airbag protection or all THREE front passengers. This was accomplished with an enlarged passenger side airbag. This airbag type is also one of the safest in the early 90s, instead of the passenger bag coming straight at you it actually goes up into the windshield and out, defecting some of the force into the windshield instead of your neck. ABS and child proof rear doors came standard along with a host of other safety feature outside traction control, which would arrive on the 95 Sedan Deville.

Trouble Spots:
First is a key when your looking at just about any Cadillac, push “off” and “warmer”, this will yield any trouble codes for the car, if your looking at a Deville, write any codes down and come back and see us.

Codes you can expect to see on higher mileage 1994 DeVilles:
I039: Speed sensitive suspension issue, were all working on this one
P039: This shows the torque converter isn’t locking up to the computers satisfaction , the car will run like this for thousands more miles.

Other Trouble Spots:
Most Deville’s will end up with a lazy door lock on one door; you’ll have to unlock it manually at times. What goes wrong is a little rubber cup that actuates the door lock rod off the solenoid. If you have the problem feel free to contact me and I will show you how to fix it, it’ll only cost you a tube of superglue and a little of your time.

Another Trouble Spot is a clunk coming out of the front end going down the road. Most of the time this is the sway bar end links, they have gone sour. Replacements will cost around 80 bucks.

Transmissions: These are hit and miss, best advice here is the change the tranny filter out and replace the fluid when your supposed to. NEVER HAVE THE UNIT FLUSHED!

Cooling system. Coolant is to be replaced every year with fresh coolant, distilled water, and the GM coolant suppliment pellets. Failure to do so will cause engine damage in the form of leaky head gaskets.

Front Main “Thump”. When the engine is hot and in gear at parking lot speeds you’ll hear a “thump thump thump” in tune with engine RPM. Don’t worry too much about this; perfectly normal and it’ll go another 100k like this. If it bugs you enough go to your Cadillac dealer and order up a new main bearing, there is an upgraded thicker bearing out ask for it only!!!

EGR: If you experience a “ping” on acceleration and your using premium fuel you may be suffering from the EGR tubes being plugged up. Have a helper hold the throttle plates wide open with the engine off. Get a wire coat hangar stretch it out and rod the 2 tubes out till there clean. Get a small wire brush and clean up the throttle plates while you’re in there.

Water pump: We will all go thru a water pump on the 4.9, only use new GM units …nuff said.

Some of you may note hearing 4.9s having a growl to them. If yours growls, check out the power steering pump and ac compressor. Its pretty normal to replace everything the belt touches at around 130k

Idler Pulley, more than a few of us here have had the idler pulley seize on us on the highway shredding the belt and leaving us stranded looking for parts. Spend the 14 bucks and get a new one on it. [top]

1994 Cadillac Seville Touring Sedan (STS) - Review by ktills45 - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Love the size, very stable at highway speeds, plenty of room inside, steering and handling are a pleasant surprise, auto headlights, self-closing trunk, Northstar engine, huge moonroof.

CONS: Transmission went at 110,000 miles.

I Bought this car with 92k on it from a private seller. They had let it get fairly dirty (the wheels were covered with brake dust, interior was a mess) but my mechanic gave me the thumbs up so I went for it.

Love the size. A very stable car at highway speeds, and plenty of room inside. Steering and handling were a pleasant surprise, I wasn't expecting either to be as confidence inspiring as they both were. I love the auto headlights, self closing trunk, and Northstar engine. The sunroof is so big it feels like I'm in a convertible with it open. cadillac

The bad news is the tranny went at 110k. Not entirely unexpected, but a major hit in the cost department. As this was my only vehicle at the time, I put the money in it and got it replaced. Since then the car has run fine.

Overall, I like bigger cars, and this one was a nice balance of size and sport. [top]

1994 Cadillac Seville Touring Sedan (STS) - Review by chevyorange - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Ride and handling are a near perfect combination, very easy to steer, powerful Northstar engine at any speed, automatic headlights, really good gas mileage.

CONS: The infamous Northstar leak (very small, though), clicking sound when making right turns, front wheel drive.

I wasn't shopping for a Cadillac at the time I was looking for a new car, but saw an ad for a 1994 STS for $7K. I test drove the car, already having carfaxed it and knowing it had been in a minor accident. I offered $6K and the gentleman even drove it to my house for me.

The car had 88K miles on it when I bought it about 5 months ago. I sold my other daily driver, a 1994 Caprice Classic to my brother and the change in luxury was a shock to my system.

The ride/handling is a near perfect combination to me. I love to be able to twich the wheel and feel this "big" car right on it. I love the tractible power from the Northstar at any speed/throttle position. Auto headlights are perfect. On quick bursts up to 90-100MPH, passengers guess the speed is closer to 60, and it certainly feels that good. In the Caprice, with the LT1, on trips to parts of the state where driving at a little over 100 can be done safely (and with little police action) it was just a little more of a chore.

There are only two problems for me are 1. The ubiquitous Northstar leak - very small mind you, but enough to have got on the Catalytic Converter and when I come to a stop I detect burnt oil in the climate system. 2. A clicking sound when makng right turns that was not fixed with new CV joints. There seems to be no adverse driving issues because of this but it does bug me and is going to cost money to fix. Another nitpick, the car being FWD.. I do miss the RWD of the Caprice.

I'd highly recommend an STS to anyone who enjoys driving. The combination of power, luxury and actually really good gas mileage considering the motor and the driving habits it might induce. [top]

1995 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe (ETC) - Review by Sal Collaziano - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Very powerful, very smooth engine, good handling / ride, classy looks, comfortable interior, luxurious.

CONS: Expensive to repair.

This car was my first "prized possession". I was 29 when I bought it (used from a friend) and I was in heaven. White diamond and in mint condition, it turned heads everywhere I went.

Besides a little torque-steer, I never had any complaints about how this car performed. I never had a better time driving in the snow, either. While other luxury cars powered by their rear wheels were fishtailing in the snow, going nowhere, I'd accelerate and take-off with ease. I felt very safe in this car and I'd recommend it to anyone. Would I buy one again? Yes, definitely. In fact, I hope to someday have a 2002... [top]

1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham - Review by Sal Collaziano - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Extreme comfort, soft ride, decent handling, nice power, good gas mileage, extremely reliable.

CONS: Not very technologically advanced (is that really a bad thing?).

This car is great. I've never been in a more comfortable vehicle. I suppose a Lexus LS or a Mercedes S Class will have a little more to offer, but not without paying many tens of thousands of dollars more. To me, this is the best luxury car you can buy for the money. It wont dazzle you with features, but it gives you what you need. Heated seats, heated mirrors, comfortable leather seats, vanity mirrors in the back, more legroom than you know what to do with. If you want a car that your passengers will thank you for, than this is your car.

Besides all that I've mentioned, this car has plenty of power on tap. With a 260hp 5.7 liter engine, this car is quick. Much quicker than you'd guess for it's size. And, it's not even bad on gas. 17/24 is pretty average in a lot of cars out there - but none of them are this big. Even though it doesn't turn heads as often as my Eldorado Touring Coupe did, I love this car.. [top]

1996 Cadillac Seville Touring Coupe - Review by 1996STS - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Lively acceleration, creature comforts.

CONS: Structural rigidity, rattle from speedometer plastic cover, car shifts or sways sideways over bumps or holes in the road.

Considering the age of this car, I would have to say it has served my purposes well. The main reason I bought the car is for it's lively acceleration as well as the comfort features like power seats with power lumbar and memory presets as well as heated seats. The car has 107,xxx miles on it now after putting 53,xxx miles on it since I purchased it less than 2 years ago. There are three aspects of the car that I would change and those are the structural rigidity and the consistent rattle coming from the speedometer plastice cover. If I go over a bump or a hole in the road, the car seems like it shifts or sways sideways. The last problem area is the persistent water leak into the trunk, that on more than one occasion, has left me stranded with a frozen trunk motor with the trunk lid up. Other than these minor annoyances, I love my Cadillac. I would definitely buy another. [top]

1997 Cadillac DeVille Concours - Review by Devil_concours - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Comfort, features, power, smoothness.

CONS: Expensive when something goes wrong, gas mileage, not meant to take curves.

It was great car until water pump died. Dealer did a horrible job on water pump replacement and lost all the fluid slowly and eventually required engine replacement under warranty. Also the transmission had to be rebuilt twice for slipping. As for driving, this is a great cruiser but it's not a driver's car. [top]

1998 Cadillac DeVille - Review by powerglide - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Powerful, quiet and comfortable at all speeds.

CONS: High pitched noise from engine, some oil burn/leak, headlight relay glitch, but nothing serious.

Paid about $10,000 for a 1998 Deville with 64,000 miles on it back in 2003. I bought it on eBay sight unseen. Compared to the 88 Fleetwood I had before, the leather feels thinner and cheaper intially, it feels less solid. (But this thing is MUCH more powerful) But after putting about 20,000 miles on it, I can say it has exceeded my expectations. Its VERY fast for a massive car, the Northstar makes the car feel much lighter under accelaration than it is. (you feel the weight during braking and turns) No problem passing most cars out there, so quiet and comfortable at all speeds. I've owned Lincolns, Hondas, Lexus, Chevy, Saab, Toyota, Jaguar in the past, this thing is a great bargain. (you get so much for your money, buying used)

Problems, some minor stuff, high pitched noise from engine, some oil burn/leak, headlight relay glitch, but nothing serious. I haven't been let down yet. If I could go back in time I would DEFINITELY do it again. Its just soooo damned comfortable and easy to drive, isn't this what its all about? [top]

1998 Cadillac Seville Touring Sedan (STS) - Review by LuborK - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Northstar power and sound, transmission smoothness, stereo system, design.

CONS: Slight lack of headroom in front and rear.

Description: Silver exterior, black interior. Bought with 65k miles, now (6 months later) 69k. Loaded - chrome wheels, heated seats, sunroof, wooden packet, CD-changer

Problems: Only problem I had so far was noisy interior air temparature sensor fan. No other problems. No vibrations, no oil consumption.

Modifications: I added rear park distance control (a must in Europe) and a PDA navigation.

What I especially like:

  • Northstar power & sound - normally quiet, but very nice sound when accelerating
  • transmission smoothness
  • memory packet
  • BOSE audio
  • car design

What I miss:
  • DRL and turning lights (both are missing in the european version)
  • HID headlights
  • express-up windows
  • express-close sunroof connected to the rain-sensor
  • automatic climate control switching to the interior circuit when exterior smell is detected
  • and a bit more headroom for both front and rear seats.
  • better DIC info, like AVG and INST consumption together with outside temperature displayed simultaneously

Resume: I couldn't have better car made in 1998 and I would definitely buy it again. [top]

1999 Cadillac DeVille - Review by JimHare - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Runs smooth as silk, quiet, fast (deceptively quick), well-built interior.

CONS: Only minor problems so far.

Bought the car (base trim level) in Aug 01, $19,995.00 with 34K miles on the clock. I'm 2nd owner. Now (Jan 05) has 96K on it. Extended warranty when I bought it, and another at 75K miles, which I haven't had to even call on.

It's the Moonstone Metallic with grey interior. A few small problems in first year or so - had alternator replaced twice, A/C condenser, radiator & overflow tank, all under warranty. Rubber all around about two years ago - Michelin X from BestBuy, $105 each or so.

Hasn't seen the dealer for anything since Dec 02. Put new pads and rotors all around in July at 85K miles. New serpentine belt at same time. So in the last 20K miles or so, it's cost maybe $700 in parts, most of which was the rotors.

Mostly for commute to work, 30 mile R/T on the A/C expressway. Average 22 mpg on mid-grade gas. Uses maybe a quart of oil every 1500 miles or so. I change with Castrol and top up with whatever's handy.

Car runs smooth as silk, quiet, fast, deceptively quick. You can tell it's a 4,000 lb car when you sling it around corners, but as a highway cruiser it's unbeatable. Interior is flawless, no rips or tears in leather or anything, no parts popping loose, no problems whatsoever. About the only noise you hear at 85 MPH is a slight rattle from the right passenger ash tray... cadillac

Overall, I'd give this used car about an 9 on a scale of 10. Apart from the mechanicals that failed, luckily covered by the extended GMAC warranty, it's been pretty much perfect. [top]

1999 Cadillac Seville Touring Sedan (STS) - Review by majax - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Drivetrain, various interior materials, looks, road manors.

CONS: Build quality issues, odd noises.

1999 Cadillac Seville STS, 53,000 miles

This is the car for a perfectionist who wants pissed off, like those people are common. I will start out saying whats great about the car. Why, because I don't want to bore you with how we bought it.

Start the engine and you hear a great sound followed by an absolute silence 3 seconds later. You often wonder whether you turned the car on or not and have to check the tachometer to make sure. The gauge display is very welcoming, yet has a small piece that slightly hangs down compared to it on the left side of the guages.

Next you will notice the wood trim that surrounds you. It is great and looks good for fake wood (edit: the wood is all real zebrano). The wood on the shifter and steering wheel is real though and most inviting. The only issue with the wood is that the plate where the shifter is has lifted a bit and the piece closest and to the right of the steering wheel is a little loose.

Further examining the steering wheel you will notice a small very slightly loose piece and 2 slightly sharp edges. Now the seats, they are near perfect. The only issue is when you touch your head to the head rests, they bump back a little. Well, also the rear bench could be a little deeper.

If you like water, then a leaky left rear door seal will excite you. But on the plus side, the leather is great. Only complaints left in the interior are some minor less expensive tid-bits. But I am way okay with those as long as they do not break. Oh and there is this guard thing in the glove box that needs to be popped back into place. Also the moonroof does not seem to close right and that creates noise on the highway if the shade is open.

Now outside the car. It looks good and my only complaint is that for some reason a piece on the door started coming off. I popped it back on with ease.

Mechanically it is decent except for the power steering issue. Cadillac did though offer to pay us half the cost to repair out of warranty. Then there are a few squeeks from the suspension and you can hear the ride level motor going.

It drives smooth and easy and the suspension has a perfect amount of firmness. Nothing sounds better than the Northstar under the hood.

Conclusion: Cadillac can do a bit better on the build quality. The drivetrain is great, though, and the creature comforts are well-abundant. [top]

2000 Cadillac Catera - Review by JefferyG - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: High-class features at an inexpensive price, true European handling and ride characteristics, wonderful engine.

CONS: On par with recent quality / reliability issues out of Deutschland.

A Precursor to the CTS - the Catera is based on a (German) Opel/Vauxhall Omega MV6 using the engine, transmission and all other components from it with only minor suspension changes and etc.


DOHC 3.0 24v V6
200hp @ 6,000rpm
192tq @ 3400rpm

0-60: 8.5s - 1/4 Mile: 16.5

Full specs here

I like the Catera. At such a cheap price it offers high-class features such as an optional 8 speaker Bose audio system with 6-CD changer. True European handling and ride characteristics. A wonderful engine with a variable length intake, that shines above 4000rpm. Bosch ASR 5.3 all speed traction control and ABS. Powerful 4 wheel disc brakes. Side airbags, driver and passenger. Speed Sensitive Steering. Auto-Leveling rear suspension. A large trunk. Good sized leather interior using quallity materials. The Catera can be a loveable car, yet it has an attitude all its own. It handles the same as any other European sports touring car, very smooth power, smooth looks, great interior and is solid as a rock. Basically, it'll take on the Autobahn any day of the week.

Speaking of German automobiles... unfortunately it is somewhat on par with the recent quality/reliability issues coming out of Deutschland today:

- Oil cooler (utilizes engines coolant). Seal can break and coolant can get into the oil or oil into the coolant. Both not good. Often seen on older Cateras after it was redesigned.
- Camshaft/Waterpump Belt Tensioner failures. Can damage engine valves/pistons. (Recalled and Redesigned for 1999-01)
- Crankshaft Sensor | Camshaft Sensor
- HVAC Heater Coolant Valve malfunction - Spews coolant out. Easily fixed.
- Tire feathering - Front lower control arm bushings.

If you buy a 1999-2001 more than likely some of these wont happen, like on the tensioner failure but rarely still happens. Word of caution though: Do not buy a 97-98. Only problems ive had: heater coolant valve replacement, camshaft sensor , and o2 sensor.

Despite all of this, if you recall what was said before... the Catera makes itself out to be a great contender if you cant afford a used CTS or want a BMW or Mercedes but for half the price.

Would I reccomend it? Still debating. [top]

2002 Cadillac Escalade - Review by slk230mb - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Great power, nice handling, very comfortable seats, and the gauge cluster is nicer in 2002 than 03+ IMHO. cadillac

CONS: The only thing that kills me is the cost of maintenance, but that's most likely because I'm 19 and I don't work during the school year. Get an extended warranty if you plan on keeping it a while. One major gripe I have is that no matter how many times I bring it to the dealership they can't fix the drivers heated seat. cadillac

Got mine used 22K ago, in May 2003. Would I get another?: YES! [top]

2003 Cadillac Escalade - Review by Rolex - Discuss this particular Cadillac review

PROS: Power is excellent, reliable so far, very comfortable and quiet interior.

CONS: Fake wood trim, bad gas mileage, gold plated emblem became discolored.

I bought my Lade from a local dealer last summer (after test driving almost every high end SUV) with 30k on the clock. I spoke to the previous owner who had it for six months...she was a "50 something" real estate dealer who was always on the road. I have had NO problems with it thus far. Power is excellent. Interior is very comfortable and quiet (no rattles despite the crappy roads with man sized potholes). My worst day is always made better when I get to drive home in my big shiny Cadillac.

If I have to list some cons it would be the fake wood trim, and the gas mileage. I get around 14 mpg no matter what I do or how I drive (but I didn't buy it for its great mileage). I had to replace one of the gold plated emblems that became discolored.

My wife and I are expecting our first child this April, and I intend to purchase an extended warranty (from the same dealer I bought the vehicle) and use this vehicle to haul my new baby around town. I don't anticipate problems with this vehicle, but IMO the extended warranty is cheap insurance. [top]

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinion of unless written by Sal Collaziano himself.

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