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cadillac dealer reviewDuke Cadillac - Suffolk, Virginia - Review by Leloz - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

I have bought over 15 cars from this dealership and I keep going back despite having to pass two other Cadillac dealerships and 40 miles to get there. Their sales team is so personal, they really make you feel like family. I get personal calls from Eley and Linda Duke to ask how I like my ESV Platinum, you can't beat that. They even drive to my work, give me a Escalade/Suburban/Denali, take mine for service, and then bring mine back to my home so I am not inconvenienced in any way. They always give me prices with all taxes and fees included, and are more than willing to match competitor prices. Although they are a small dealership with a limited selection, they have been able to get me an ESV Platinum and my Collectors Edition Trans Am Convertible within 2 weeks of my request. The service and parts department staff are friendly and reliable and I never worry about my vehicles in their hands. They also work hard to give me top dollar for my trade-ins. Nothing but a good experience at Duke, I highly recommend them.

cadillac dealer reviewDutton Cadillac - Riverside, California - Review by AElayyat - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

We have been going to this dealership for service for around 10 years now. Having three Caddys in the house, my Dad's 96 Eldorado, my 85 Fleetwood Brougham, and 89 Sedan DeVille (used to be pops), they all have had just about all of the work done at Dutton Cadillac. Our service manager, Ed, rocks, he is the man, as well as being straight forward. I'd recomend Dutton for service and deal with Ed.

cadillac dealer reviewFaulkner Cadillac - Trevose, Pennsylvania - Review by 05moonstone - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

I left a glowing recommendation for Kemper Cadillac a few days ago, but my experience today at Faulkner forced me to write.

My wife and I had an interest in a leftover demo 2004 SRX V6 AWD ($43500 sticker). After multiple phone calls back and forth this morning with a dealer 45 mins away, we decided it sounded like an ok deal, so we took a ride....

Well, then it got terrible. Major problem #1 - this is an old-fashioned type dealer where the only purpose of the salesman is to hand you keys for a test drive, then you haggle with the "finance guy", and then when it looks like you might leave without a deal, in comes the "manager"....

...and the price of the car that was quoted over the phone was not honored when we arrived at the dealer.....

It's for the best though, because as much as my wife and I liked the Silver Smoke SRX, as soon as she saw the hideous dealer installed RED pinstriping on the car, she was turned off....

Hate to give negatives, but this experience deserved it. Thanks for listening to me vent...

cadillac dealer reviewGeneral Sales Cadillac - West Chester, Pennsylvania - Review by danbuc - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

I consider myself lucky to have found a dealer who cares for their customers as much as this place does. It's much better than that crappy Brogan Cadillac of Ridgewood, NJ. They have crappy service, and usually don't get the job done right the first time. I think the only thing they have ever done right was a basic oil change.

General Sales Cadillac of West Chester, PA on the other hand, is a great dealership. The sales, and service people are very knowledgeable, and are always willing to help. They will try to answer any questions you may have, and go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with their work. I remember when I had my front struts, and water pump replaced, I noticed that the rubber grommets on the spring retaining plate on the struts were held together with duct tape. I immediately called them up and inquired why they had not replaced these $10 parts after I had spent over $2000 on parts and labor on my previous visit. They were very apologetic, and offered to fix it for the cost of the parts only. I was very pleased with this, since the parts were only $24.00. The labor that they didn't charge me for was $192.00. That's the kind of service I expect from a Cadillac Dealer.

To anyone living in the area of West Chester, PA, I suggest you take a look at this dealer. They have a wonderful showroom with all the new models, and people who always greet you with a smile. There's nothing better than walking into the dealership, and knowing that you are appreciated for choosing them. I think other Caddy dealers (Brogan) could learn a valuable lesson from a dealer like General Sales of West Chester.

cadillac dealer reviewJL Freed Cadillac - Lansdale, Pennsylvania - Review by ktills45 - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

I can't speak specifically to the dealership, as I haven't had any service performed on my vehicle at this time.

However, Ted Sobel, the salesman, should be a poster boy for how Cadillacs should be sold.

Professional without arrogance, knowledgable without the use of arcane jargon, always returned phone calls promptly and never tried to act like my buddy. I felt like I was talking to a representative of Cadillac, which was a refreshing change from how most salesman come across.

So I give Freed Cadillac a thumbsup, but I'll reserve further comments until after I have some face time with the service dept.

cadillac dealer reviewKemper Pontiac Cadillac - Bridgewater, New Jersey - Review by 05moonstone - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

Bought my 2005 CTS in November. This the the 3rd car my wife and I have purchased here (first Cadillac) and the 8th that my family has purchased in the last 8 years. Excellent experience every time. I came back here after purchasing 4 cars at other dealerships and was treated like I never left. First, they sold me the car at invoice, plus GM's Smartbuy incentives, which gave me the car at about $7000 below sticker. I requested black-on-black with sport and luxury packages. Kemper had none, then searched and tried dealing with other dealerships for about 3 days before telling me they were getting nowhere. The salesman was extremely apologetic and offered to order the car as a fallback. I came back in and remembered loving the color of a moonstone STS on the showroom floor, so the salesman called a couple dealerships while I was there and eventually found one at Brogan Cadillac (who was actually willing to make the deal). That was it - I showed up 2 days later, all the paperwork was ready, insurance company had the sticker, and I just drove off as happy as a pig in you-know-what. Unfortunately, the salesman that my family has dealt with since 1997, Matt Woodward, has left for another career path, but I can recommend anyone at this dealership.

As for service, I have not had any on this car, but on previous Pontiacs, we have been treated well (and I had some major problems with a 1997 Grand Am GT for the first six months of ownership!) One negative, the dealership does not offer any free maintenance on the Cadillacs (don't get me started as to why Cadillac doesn't offer this either!)

That's long winded enough - no need to haggle, no pressure, great prices, great follow up. I can't say enough good things. I have since been in contact with them to try and find a low mileage SRX for my wife (their used car prices are amazing, though their inventory is usually limited to 15-20 cars).

cadillac dealer reviewLindsay Cadillac - Alexandria, Virginia - Review by Kference - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, Va.. Very nice service department. Never had any issues with them.. However, They probably have my face up on the service departments office. Had alot minor problems with the car. But overall the dealer has been great. lindsay cadillac

cadillac dealer reviewPaul Conte Cadillac - Freeport, New York - Review by slk230mb - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

What can I say about Paul Conte Cadillac? They have been nothing short of extraordinary with my Escalade and me. I am on a first name basis with the guys in the service department and they always treat me with respect, something I never expected being a 17-year-old (at the time) getting work done on an Escalade. While my truck has had some issues, they have never let me down with repairs. The only gremlin that my truck had was the drivers seat heater, but on the 5th try they got it working perfectly. I only had one issue with a mechanic not doing the job right and essentially telling me that I didn't know my mouth from my ass, but as it goes, I was right with my diagnosis, and they assured that he would not work on my car anymore. I purchased my car from an auction and they had no issues with getting me an extended warranty or upgrading my alarm. All I can say is that I am totally satisfied with their service, courtesy, and professionalism, and will not hesitate to purchase and service my next Cadillac there.

cadillac dealer reviewPenske Cadillac - Torrance, California - Review by DG2 - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

Attention Cadillac Dealers,

I am often in LA on business and I have been watching the transformation of Penske ( formally Moran) Cadillac in Torrance CA. I flew in last night and on my way to the hotel I drove past the most beautiful Cadillac dealer I have ever seen. It is visually stunning and every Cadillac dealer in the Nation should look at what Penske did and follow suit.

Interesting to note that right next door to this Cadillac dealer, BMW has built a ground up mega dealership that is also stunning. Thankfully, the Cadillac dealer stands up to this beautiful BMW delaership . Way to go Penske!

Wake Up New York Cadillac Dealers, it's 2005!!

cadillac dealer reviewSarant Cadillac - Farmingdale, New York - Review by Sal Collaziano - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

I have to say that Sarant Cadillac (and it's employees) is the main reason I still own a Cadillac. The first Cadillac I owned that was worthy of being taken to the dealer was a 1995 Eldorado Touring Coupe. Every time I went in there, I got the red carpet treatment. The car was 5 years old when I bought it. So it wasn't like I was some rich guy or anything. And besides that fact, I had very long hair. Still, they'd always treat me well.

Now I'm not saying everyone will always get this type of service right off the bat, but when they get to know you, they treat you like gold. After not being in the dealership for a couple of years, and changing the way I looked dramatically (cut the hair, etc), they charged me $50.00 to replace a bulb - my 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham's tail light. Had they remembered me, they'd have thrown that in and only charged me for the bulb. Still, I appeared to be someone who'd never been there before - so I don't hold that against them. sarant cadillac

At any cost, if Sarant is your local Cadillac dealership, don't be afraid to go in there and get to know the crew. You wont be sorry...

cadillac dealer reviewVal Ward Cadillac - Fort Myers, Florida - Review by Sandyfoot-V - Discuss this Cadillac dealer review

Perhaps the worst dealership experience I've had in twenty years of new car ownership. I've had a decent salesman who has sold me three caddys and gone the extra mile. Moronic service department. Serviced my Escalade three times for the same electrical problem: do you think I had THREE bad batteries? Several other minor issues not handled correctly. Body shop charged (bilked State Farm) $10,000 to repaint my wifes SRX after it sustained scratches only (not one dent) in a recent hurricane.

Lousy experience. Will try Crest Cadillac in Sarasota next...


The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinion of unless written by Sal Collaziano himself.

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