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Cadillac Allante

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Cadillac Allante Information

Cadillac introduced the Allante in 1987 as its first step into the ultra luxury roadster market. The Allante was sold until 1993 and was considered to be the best competition for the Mercedes Benz 560SL. While the Allante was the Cadillac entering into the new market, the vehicle took some old things from older cars such as the Cadillac Eldorado engine and chassis and some components of the Buick Reatta, the Buick Riviera, as well as the Oldsmobile Toronado.

Interestingly, the Allante chassis was put together in Detroit, Michigan and then flown to Italy where the body was then mounted to the chassis! After this was completed the cars were put back on planes and shipped back to Michigan to be completed. Of course, being a luxury automobile made the Allante expensive, but the price tag rose because of the long assembly to about $54,000 the first year. This was the most expensive Cadillac ever. Because the Allante had to make two trips just to be put together there were only 21,000 units ever built.

The Allante was not an ill equipped vehicle by any stretch of the imagination. Cadillac originally fitted the Allante with a port fuel injected 4.1-liter V8 engine. The Allante also featured an independent strut suspension system in the front and the rear and the vehicle was standard with disc brakes on all four wheels. By the 1989 model Cadillac had increased power with a 4.5 liter B8 engine coupled with a four speed automatic transmission, which provided consumers with 200 horsepower. This same model year also was fitted with a speed dependent damping control system that would firm the suspension at 25 miles per hour and once more at 60 miles per hour.

After the changes in 1989, there were few changes that were seen in the Allante. The most noticeable changes were then seen in the Allante’s final year, 1993. The model was released for sale in 1992 but was a 1993 model and was equipped with a 4.6-liter Northstar dual overhead cam V8 engine. This engine provided the Allante with a respectable 295 horsepower and torque was rated at 290 foot-pound at 4400 rotations per minute. This engine was coupled with a four speed automatic transmission. Not only was the engine improved, the Allante featured a new rear suspension that was used in the Seville as well as the Eldorado. The new suspension was an improvement in the handling of the Allante, especially with the new powerful engine. Though the suspension was supposed to help with handling, the car lost points because its front wheel drive layout did not lend well to easy handling.

The 1993 Allante also boasted a road sensing suspension system, which was an active damper management system. Cadillac also upgraded the disc brakes and added features such as a variable assist power steering rack, single piece side windows, and a deep front spoiler. Cadillac was proud when the Allante was ranked above both a Jaguar convertible and the Mercedes Benz 300SL by Car and Driver. The Allante proved to be a popular choice for many consumers because it offered power, style, and was more affordable than either the comparable Jaguar and Mercedes competitors. When you consider that the Allante retailed for about $65,000 in 1993 and the Jaguar was almost $72,000 and the Mercedes was over $90,000, it’s easy to see why the Allante was the choice of many who were looking for a luxury roadster. While the Allante lasted just six model years, it is still recognized as one of the most luxurious Cadillac roadsters that one could buy.




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1993 cadillac allante


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