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About Cadillac Owners .com

Welcome to cadillac owners .com!

12.30.02 - Hello! Thanks for visiting the site! I guess you're wondering why I started this place.. Well, it's really very simple. Over the past 3 or 4 years, I've been a member of many automotive enthusiast web sites and message boards. There are hundreds of big sites dedicated entirely to Acura, Lexus, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Kia... I can go on and on... The problem is, there are no big sites dedicated entirely to Cadillac. I can't imagine why this is, but it's a fact. Oh, by big site I mean thousands of visits per day with hundreds of messages posted in the forums daily. Anyway.. I started this place with the intentions of it becoming the one-stop resource of everything Cadillac related. I wont be satisfied until we see people posting questions with answers coming no longer than a few minutes later. I don't want anyone waiting a day or more to receive an answer to their question or a response to their message.

I'll do everything in my power to make cadillac forums .com such a place. And you can count on that! I know there are message boards out there with only a few members and no posts since a month ago. It's not going to work that way here. When I create a web site relating to a topic that I'm passionate about (and you're probably passionate about too), I'm relentless! So take my word for it. This place is going to become something very special for Cadillac owners and enthusiasts.

Are you a Cadillac owner or enthusiast? If so, click here to sign-up. It's free!

04.09.04 - It's been about a year and three months since I started Cadillac Forums .com. We're just about to pass the 10,000 registered member mark. Did you mark my words in that second paragraph up top?

01.17.05 - Well, here we are, two years and less than one month old with 20,227 registered members as of 12:12pm eastern time. The reason I note the time is because we'll most-likely have between 30 and 50 new members by midnight. What an amazing run this has been so far. Just a side note, but we've sort of 'changed' our name to Cadillac Owners .com. Cadillac "forums" .com was misinterpreted as Cadillac "forms" .com too many times. Otherwise, it hasn't been an easy road coming this far. There's been many a bump, and many more to be expected. This place has nearly become my full-time job as I easily spend 8-10 hours per day making things run smoothly - and this is even with the help of our trusty Adminstrators, Super-Moderators, Moderators, and helpful members! Don't ever let anyone tell you this isn't a very big job...

What's new since last year? Cadillac Classifieds, Cadillac Auctions, Cadillac Reviews, Cadillac Dealer Reviews, a Cadillac Image Database, a Cadillac Dealer Locator - and more... And with the top-notch staff, membership and vendors we've got going, things will only get better...

Sal Collaziano

12.15.05 - How about another update? It's been awhile.. Not much has changed besides getting a new, more powerful server, a part-time server administrator and upgraded software. We're almost three years old and as of 1:49am eastern time, we have 35,538 members. That's over 15,000 additional members since 11 months ago. Us Cadillac owners and enthusiasts have a busy site here.

11.18.09 - Well. I suppose it's time for another update. After all, it's only been about four years since the last one... We're up to 99,646 members at the time of this writing. And what's special about our membership is for the last few years, every member is "real" as free/fake email addresses are not allowed. Each member is accountable for his or her actions - which makes for a very friendly, organized and spam-free community. Thanks to our team (moderators, super moderators and administrators), this place runs very smoothly..

When I started this site almost seven years ago, I knew it would become something special - and it certainly has. There really is no other Cadillac community online worth spending any time at - and that's partially because (for one reason or another), there's limited interest in Cadillac among young webmasters - and partially because we've managed to attract so many great people willing to make this place what it is.

The site has grown quite a bit and some areas are kinda stale... I'll be looking into sprucing this place up very soon. The first big change will be to the forum/live community. Once vBulletin 4.0 goes gold, we'll be upgrading and making some very big changes to the layout of the site. Stay tuned...

Sal Collaziano

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