Hey All,

I just completed my first Cadillac brake job. And while it took me slightly longer than it usually takes, I had great results.

My ETC was squealing like crazy, so I figured the pads were probably shot. I pulled the wheel and discovered like new pads. Still, I figured they were the cheap $17.00 puppies. So I replaced them with the Carbon Ceramics ($39.00 lifetime guarantee from AutoZone). The caliper piston on both sides was really hard to push back. So I pulled each caliper and gently used my vice. This also gave me an opportunity to inspect each caliper closely. Then, I bled the brake fluid until it was crystal clear.

The results are fantastic. First off, the brakes are whisper quiet. Secondly, the pedal feel has dramatically improved. The old fluid was a dark, golden brown. So it was definitely time for a change.

If any of you are nearing time for a brake job, if your fluid looks like sewage, or you are simply uncertain of your fluid's age, I suggest taking an hour and flushing out your brake system. It's easy, it's a one man job, and you'll thank yourself later.

If you have questions on how to bleed your system without a helper, go to my website and click on the appropriate link. I have full photos. The best part, is that except for an old bottle or glass jar, and some small clear tubing, you need no special tools.