I'm replacing all the stab bar bushings and end links with polygraphite replacements. The original stock ones aren't noisy yet as the car only has 85k miles on it, but it is eleven years old now and it's just a matter of time..that's seems to be a certainty. The discrepancy is, after much archival searching and reading are the bushing size for the 1993 STS... 19mm, or 23mm? I find information on both! There seems to be some reference that 23mm is not available front the dealer anymore, so some have made 19mm bushings fit. What is the OEM size? This seems to apply to 1993 only, as some changes took place again in 1994... I know I can crawl underneath the thing with a piece of string, but before I do that I wonder if any of you have first hand info of 1993 STS stabilizer (sway) bar bushing and end link diameters and after market replacements.