Have changed the bad stabalizer link. Had to take it to the shop. Couldnt get those bolts to move if my life depended on it. Only $50 Can for the labour so not too bad.
Was there with the mechanic and he verifyed everything that I saw. Absolutely nothing is loose on the front end. Everything is solid.
But once I left the front end shifting slightly from left to right at around 30kph then changing into a steering wheel shimmy at 50kph then subsiding around 60 was still there. Not as severe as it was becoming but definately still there.

This is not a vibration and there are no grinds, clunks or other noises associated with it. And its only at low speeds. Its also not present if Im accelerating harder from a stop. Just slow easy cruising.

As id mentioned in my original post when I had my tires balanced and rotated it went away and was smooth as glass for about 5 days then started coming back. Thats when I did my own inspection and noticed the bad stabalizer link.
When I put the tires back on the front I switched sides and the shimmy seemed to be worse.

So the new link seems to have helped a tiny bit but is deffinately still there.
Called the shop to let them know that didnt solve the problem. (Im not upset with them for any reason they just replaced the part I asked them too). And they suggest to look at the tires again.

Like said its a slow speed shimmy in the steering wheel, not a vibration thing. Not A high speed thing.
Would tires be the logical thing to be looking at right now ?