I hope that any of can help me to locate the problem of my air suspension.
I have no trouble codes on the computer during to the suspension.
The compressor to the air-suspension system will go often but not always.
And the high of the rear end of the car is to low. I have rise the car and remowed the wheels and then i will see the struts. If I taken away the air-lines to the struts there will be no air in them, maybee i think that´s the strut are bad but why doesent the compressor goes always and why will it not be any troublecode on the onboard computer.
How can I diagnostic If the struts are correct or bad ? (making some air-leaking test with compressed air)
How can I diagnostic If the compressor are correct or bad ? (measure the pressure ?)
What is correct high of the rear end of the car when it´s parking and the engine is running ?.