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Thread: Brake Job on 97 STS

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    Feb 2004

    Question Brake Job on 97 STS

    I need to get new brakes on my 97 STS and have few questions before I go ahead with the replacement. Recent inspection by the dealer states that 5% pads remain in front and 20% in rear. No new rotors required!!!

    1. I have been driving for a few days in this condition at slower speeds and gently braking. Is there possibility of any damage to the rotors or brake system? I have not heard any "scraping" sound or any other indication.

    2. Can generic compatible brake pads be used instead of original AC Delco pads? The dealer charges US$560+tax (for all four). My mechanic on the other hand charges $310+tax (with original AC Delco) and $200+tax for WAGNER brakes.

    3. Does anybody know the original Part #s from AC Delco for front and rear pads? AC Delco has three types listed on their website - original, Durastop and Durastop performance.

    4. I have been searching for a repair manual for the 97 STS. Can anybody help me find a comprehensive repair manual? (that includes repair/maintenance procedures on brakes, transmission, engine related, electrical system, diagrams, pictures, general tips, etc.)

    I would love to work on the brakes myself but it's too cold out here usually around 20F and even lower to 10/11F last week.

    Thank you for all the help in advance.

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    Re: Brake Job on 97 STS

    As for the brakes, any brand will do... as long as they're not the ultra cheap kind that yield a lot of brake dust. I changed mine about a month and a half ago. I got the pads and rotors from autozone. I can't remember exactly how much the pads were, but everything was around $110, so I'm guessing around $45 or $50 for the pads. They were Wagners and they work just fine (no brake dust that I can see).

    As for the repair manual, run a google search for a haynes repair manual for a 92-02 seville. It should give you what you need. I think chilton makes one too. I checked ebay: there's a service manual for a 98, but that's the best they got right now.

    Good luck.

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    Feb 2004

    Re: Brake Job on 97 STS

    Thanks for your reply. Got my brake job done last Friday. I missed the opportunity of completing the job myself. I wish it would have been warmer.

    It turned out that I needed new rotors as well all the way around. The final cost was $490. Not bad at all once I compare the price in the market where everbody wanted $380+tax for just the pads (not to mention the dealer prices). My mechanic used Wagner because he has experience and confidence in their products. Been driving for 3 days now, and can't tell a difference besides that I can STOP my car. Wagner seems really nice. NO noise at all!!!!! (just like with originals before) Will know more about brake dust in few weeks. The parts used are listed below:

    Front Rotors - BD125618 - ~$183
    Front Pads - PD699 - ~$60
    Rear Rotors - BD125618 - ~$60
    Rear Pads - PD714 - ~$84
    Labor - $80

    Front Rotor cost seems a little high but OH WELL......

    I search on eBay from time to time and yesterday I found one seller who has a variety of Cadillac manuals. This particular one he had for 97 STS was on a CD. Will try to send out this sellers reference # later on. I did find this manual last year on AC Delco's website

    In short, my experience.....any brakes from known Brand and with same specs as of the original will work just fine.

    Thanks again.....


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