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Thread: Master Cylinder fluid level

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    Cyberdan3 is offline Cadillac Owners Fanatic
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    Nov 2003

    Master Cylinder fluid level

    My 94 seville switches the ABS light on every once in a long while during this winter driving. During this, traction and ABS is disabled, and it tells me to check my brake fluid. I look in the master cylinder reservoir, and i see fluid filled a little more than half way. My question is, how full should it be? If it is too full, wont the pressure from the primary and secondary pistons force the reservoir cap to pop off and spray fluid out? Thanks in advance for the help.

    p.s. Has anyone else had this problem with the ABS light going on, and the traction being did you fix it?

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    Sep 2003

    Re: Master Cylinder fluid level

    Well i am not positive about newer cars with abs, but most i have seen and older cars with out abs are usualy 3/4 or the way full. some times a little more. I personaly think from my past only half full is not enough. the resevor should have full marks on the side. if not, and you have it, check the owners manual. there should be a section in there about fluid levels, quanties, checking procdures, and such. If you don't have it, and belive me i can understand why, try and go buy your nearest gm dealer. They should not charge you anything to tell you how much fluid it takes. If they do... never go back. (my opinion)
    As for the lite, i am not sure due to my lack of experience with abs. but it may actualy come on when fluid leve lis low or low fluid level and maybe air in the system could cause this. I can see how air would cause a problem for abs to work.

    let me know if you can't find out and next time i am near a gm/cady place i will try and rember to ask.

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    San Clemente, CA

    Re: Master Cylinder fluid level

    There is probably a little filter there when you take the master cylinder cap off right? the fluid level shoud be just above the filter. It should be full enough to not spew out the sides when you put the cap back on, and it should definatly be higher than the little filter thing. Make sure you put proper brake fluid in and check your manual too.

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    Jun 2003

    Re: Master Cylinder fluid level

    I have a 96 STS and there's a full line that looks like a minus sign on the side of the master cylinder reservoir.


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