Well i was into the lowrider daytons and player reverse style rims for my 94 DeVille that was front wheel drive... i come to find out i cant install them cuz of the rear fender skirts. Well i tryed goin onto daytonwirewheels.com and getting the fitment chart for a 93 fleetwood but adobe acrobat wont allow me to view the chart. (because i found one at a used car lot and its in beautiful shape.) Its black or a dark purple with a black vinyl carraige roof. Really pimp. I called them up and now im setting up a trade. Is it possible to put stock rim sized Wires with stock tire size or do you have to put on something smaller because the fenderskirt in the back? I want to keep the height the same size and ive seen in low rider magazine tons of fleetwoods on daytons. I plan to put a continental rear tire kit on it, chrome white walls, candy blue or dark green, tan carraige roof, tan interior with chinchilla fur on the head rests, big time stereo system eventually install hydraulics to lift it 3 wheel it not really hop it. I wanted to do all that to my current deville but since its front wheel drive you cant install hydraulics air bags yes but not hydros, the rear fender skirt wouldnt allow reverse style daytons, and it was hard as hell installing a system in it. Im hoping the fleetwood wont be as hard to play with.