I've got 17" by 7" rims on the Eldo, in need of new tires. I could pick up some lightly used 245/45/17s for cheap (Eagle F1s.) The rims seem a bit narrow for the tires. Now, I know a couple people with wide tires on relatively narrow rims, and I did a bit of math...

A friend of mine has a Taurus SHO with a 6" wide rim with 225/60/16s. It rides and handles fine. So the tire comes out 1.45" on either side of the rim, with 5.315" of sidewall, meaning the sidewall is at a 24.5* angle.

Another guy with a Fox Stang runs 245/50/15s on a 7" wide rim. In this case the sidewalls would be at a 24.25* angle.

If I were to use the 245/45/17s, the sidewalls would be at a 27* angle.

Is 2.5* or 2.75* even a noticible difference? I wouldn't think so, but would 2.5* be enough of a difference that I shouldn't use the tires?