After going to one dealer many, many,many, many times for my driver side rear wheel rattling, i decided to switch dealers. (long story short) I started hearing a rattle in my rear drivers side wheel when i go over wash board type bumps in da road. so i go to the first idiot and they try to tell me that my spare tire was loose in the trunk.(CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?) then they said they didnt hear anything, but if they didnt hear anything why did they tighten the spare? anywho, i took my car to another dealer and they are currently replacing my strut, both upper strut mounts, and checking bushings.Now thats what is supposed to happen when you go to the dealer. They also said they heard a noise from my heater doors behind the dash so they are pulling that apart as well. To top it all off, they gave me a 2006 dts for a loaner.

If anyone else has this issue, do a test drive with the tech and make him sit where the prob is. I made the tech ride in the back seat on the same side as the prob.

i am extremely happy to finally have this issue resolved!!!!!!!!!!