hey guys whats up , i've looked over and over and no one has really gave like a definitve answer on what passive rear struts to go with for a 95 deville, i cant go with the oem struts because the fronts were already changed over to the passive ones when i bought the car, and im honestly not trying spend more on the suspension then what i paid for the car, i honestly just want a pair of struts that i dont i have to shell out 300 for, i just want regular struts and its like everywhere i go no one has them or if they do way over 300, i tried autozone and they said 25 each for the acdelco passives and ended up being completely wrong they didnt even look the same at the end and then the other end was smaller , so i ended up having to throw the old struts back in and again with the same head ache, the only thing i have found kind of ok is the monroe's (sensa trac) that pep boys carries and there special order, and they are at 117 each and those might even be the wrong ones also, if anyone can help me out i would like reallllllyyyy apreciate it because im like literally pulling out my hairs over here with this caddy!