I just picked up my 92 deville with 125K. I notice that on some older cars (and a few devilles Ive seen), the back end seems to slouch like there are 10 bodies in the trunk, lol. I assume its from bad suspension componenets. Anyway, I suppose the only way to check to see if my shocks/struts are top notch is to check that the ride height is the same (from the top point of the chrome strip over the wheel-well to the ground). Problem is, it seems that the rear lip is cut lower than the front one, which would make it seem like the rear is lower if I measure it. Can you guys give me the correct ride height for the front and rear, or suggest some other way to check to see if my shocks/struts are perfect? By the way, why do some of the older devilles have that dropping rear look like there are 10 people in the backseat?