I have a 2014 Luxury trim SRX with Navigation, Driver Assist, and Driver Awareness. We live on a steep incline, and about two months ago, as I went to back the car down my 45', 40 degree driveway, my brakes failed. As the car was in reverse gear and my foot never left the brake, the car just took off. I was able to steer it into our retaining wall by using the back up mirror. This saved us from running over a pedestrian or entering the street. I took the car to the dealership, which indicated that "no code" had been thrown. I reported the incident to the NHTSA and to General Motors. GM sent an independent field investigator from Raytheon out to check the car. According to GM, who will not release the report of the independent field investigator, there is nothing wrong with my vehicle. I find this hard to believe as not only was I in the car, but my husband was seated next to me and witnessed the entire incident. I also have photographs showing the damage to my retaining wall, but not showing any skidmarks from the brakes attempting to hold. I am so frustrated with GM. I believe that this car will be the cause of a serious accident. GM is completely unfazed by my concerns. I asked if I could receive the information from the car's black box, but they tell me that the crash did not reflect on this system. Therefore I have no ability to prove that my foot was on the brake. This car has less than 1300 miles on it since I bought it last December. I also have had problems with the Electronic Parking Brake, and have to double foot the car on hills. GM says that there are no problems with these systems, yet I have witnesses who have seen the problems. I guess this lack of providing reports or customer service is all part of GM's "transparency." We see where that has gotten them to date -- 28 million cars recalled! If you have had a problem similar to mine, please reply.