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Thread: 2003 STS suspension codes

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    carl82 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Apr 2014

    2003 STS suspension codes

    Ok so my suspension went out all around my 2003 STS, so I converted it over to Monroe struts and shocks and that was a really easy install. Issue is now I'm having a constant suspension code and the speed being limited to 90 mph. Now I have looked all over the web trying to find out how to bypass this and what I kept finding was to install 4.7k ohm resistors to all corners (Radioshack part # 271-1124). Thing is this didn't work, I tried installing them and resetting the codes, unhooking the battery, just driving around with the resistors hooked up, and none of it worked. So is there something I'm doing wrong here? Or is the STS suspension different from the Seville and I need to use a different type of resistor?

    Now I found this on this site:
    "For your C0582 code, do you mean part of the electrical connector is broken? It would be easier and less expensive to repair the damaged wiring/connector than replace the strut. If somehow the solenoid part of the strut is damaged, you can insert a 4.7 k Ohm resistor (Radio Shack #271-1124) in the chassis side of the connector as a substitute for the solenoid load to fool the ride control module. As a safety measure, I would also use a resistor in both front strut positions until you get the parts you need.

    The exact value of the resistor is not critical and you might need to experiment with other values of resistance if you have the magneride option struts."

    This is exactly what I tried and again it didn't work. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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    East Boston MA.

    You're using the correct resistors for the wrong active suspension system.

    The 4.7K ohm resostor trick is for cars with CVRSS (F45). All STSs built on or after 1/15/02, have Magnaride (F55).

    There seem to be a few different resistor values in use and working. Google "cadillacforums F55 resistor bypass", or something similar.
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    carl82 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 2003 STS
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    Apr 2014

    Re: 2003 STS suspension codes

    Good call MoistCabbage, I found this:

    "Ok in short in F55 equipped cars the suspension module MUST see a 1-3 OHM resistance from each strut/shock in order to complete the module check of the suspension system. Anything above or below this and the strut is considered failed an throws a code. I have had and can show the strut fail on an 03 STS where the fluid leaked INTO the air bladder NOT around the bottom of the strut per typical GM check and threw NO code. Only found out after removing it compressing it (it still had recoil but not nearly as much as the new one) and heard a gurgling noise. Flipped the air nozle on the shock down and compressed it and sure enough fluid came running out. Wasn't fun chasing a clunk noise for 3 months when the strut kept testing good and I didn't want to pay the money for a strut for my mothers car and be wrong but after everything else was checked or replaced it was the only thing left.. I personally love the system and would never bypass it, the strut on the 03 was replaced with the proper GM F55 shock but I know some either cannot afford it or justify the expense of paying almost the cars worth into a suspension repair.

    Anywho on to the bypass...

    I have completed this on a 06+ DTS Performance and two 07+ Eskys all with F55. A normal 1/4 or 1/2 watt resistor will work for 1 yes 1 start up and then will fry as it cannot handle the current cycled through it been there and tired it that's how I know.


    Those can in fact handle the current.

    You will need 2 PER STRUT/SHOCK wire them together and 1 end to the 2 wire factory car wiring and the other to the other wire.

    That is it, yup it is that simple, from there you can install whatever aftermarket passive strut you want be it Arnott, Monroe, Strutmaster etc....

    I keep a set of those resistors in my box in the event I ever need to confirm a strut/shock code is from the strut/shock and not a wiring related issue along with a set of 4.7k resistors.

    Any questions don't hesitate to ask. I can take a video showing the bypass working on my 05 STS and 03 STS if needed."

    I'll try this ASAP, thanks for the prompt reply.


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