...and we know turds don't handle too well.

It's very long, but it's very important. Please help!

My car is an 89 DeVille. It has the auto leveling and everything. It's FWD obviously. When I got it a few weeks back it was a very smooth riding car. If you hit a bump in the road, you never knew. You'd float over bumps and crevices and never have any idea. you'd surf over a speed bump and bounce all the way back. My mom has an 02 Mustang, my dad has an 04 Monte SS, and my previous car was a 93 Accord EX. They all had a very tight suspension. My car handled awesome (even with the wheel gap of a 4x4). I also drive many cars everyday due to me being a valet. I know certain cars don't have firm suspensions due to the style of car. I don't believe my suspension is SHOT, however it's probably worn alot. I'm also still not quite sure about the leveling. I believe my leveling works due to my "Car Is Leveling" light comming on, then going back off after it does it's duty. The "owners portfolio" (lol), says that if the leveling feature isn't working properly that the light will stay on. Mine doesn't. However, when I get out of my car at work and stuff the car seems to park angled. Like it shimmied when I got out and it never bounced back. lol. Keep in mind that I'm 6'1" and only 165 pounds. I'm not Fat Joe. Neither was the previous owner or his mother. So I wouldn't figure out why the suspension would be completely gone. The car only has 106 on it, which isn't too bad for a Caddi around here, especially not an 89. Around here, people drive them into the ground. Also, when I was driving home from work last night, I took the scenic route. It was almost 10:30 and there wasn't anyone on the road. So I wasn't really pushed to go fast or anything. However when I would take a turn (in Pittsburgh we have really windy roads) at eve nthe speed limit, the tires or suspension or somnething would make a noise like it was spinning tire or something. Like an errrr. Are the rims/tires out of balance or allignment? I know the Caddi isn't supposed to be a mountain carver...but damn. I can't even take a bend at 30. I know that in 89 atleast, it has MacPhersons upfront with a sway bar, and the air ride or whatever in the back with no sway bar. If I put a bigger one up front, is it possible to add one to the rear too? I didn't know if it is possible with the leveling thing. Is it possible to turn off the leveling thing? If I could, would it act as a normal suspension? In other words, what is wrong with my suspension now and what can I do to make it handle more like a normal car. lol.

Sorry for the novel...