So in my search for poly bushings for my car I came across a company that sells them however my year was not available. So when I called I asked if he knew if they would fit. He was unsure but said if I can get a part # he maybe able to find out. If they don't fit he said his company is small enough that they would do a mold for them if he could get 20 orders. The going rate is $99 for a set of rears both sides for the control arms. I was wondering if anyone in the community might have a control arm they could donate to the cause. I don't but if someone had repalced theres that would be great. He is also willing to take a look at the fronts so again if someone has a front control arm they could donate.

He has already done something similar for a 04-09 sts club so I am just throwing this out there to see what kind of response anyone has.

This isn't an ad for the guy that is why I am not posting any company info. I am not hiding who it is I just don't want to make anyone mad thinking this is an ad.

So let me know what you think...