So the cars share the platform, and the engine. Further research indicates they use the same springs in the front. I test drove the Bonnie GXP back when it was new, and did enjoy the handling a bit.

My DHS does bottom-out sometimes, and even a friend's did too when it was new... (I'm not saying it always does, just saying it does if you drive too fast over some conditions like train tracks or speed bumps).

This part is AC Delco 503-589 (GM 19172172) and it is cheaper than the stock "soft ride" shocks by far(ACDelco 5060254, GM 22064781).

According to and rockauto the parts are compatible, and since the springs are the same, there's no reason they wouldn't fit.

I noticed the rear shocks are also the same as on the Deville vs Bonneville, except the springs are different.

I was just wondering if anyone knowledgeable could chime in to let me know their thoughts. Experienced suspension gurus chiming in would be awesome.

I know the ride would change to firmer, but I'm guessing it'd still feel pretty smooth. I know the front wheel corners tend to wear more on these FWD Caddies (at least on my ETC and this DHS), also wondering if the firmer shocks would change that to either worse or lessen it.