2000 Deville DTS. Came in for an engine swap. Dropped the cradle and swapped the engine. Used original steering rack, rotors wheel speed sensors. When took for test drive, Steering wheel was 180 degrees out. Was able to unhook steering shaft and rotate. Now steering wheel is centered.

Went for a test drive and whenever turning corners at any rolling speed, the ABS kicks in with a message that says "Stability Sys Engaged" I also have a C Code of C1281 "VSES Sensors UnCorrelated" I unhooked the electrical connector to the Steering Wheel Sensor and test drove. Car performs fine without the steering wheel sensor hooked up, but then other trouble messages are set.

I am thinking that I probably need to pull the steering column and replace the Steering Wheel Sensor. Before I do that, Is there anyway to calibrate the Steering Wheel Sensor on the car? (I have a snap on Modis.) Any advice or reccomendations on fixing this would be appreciated.