Had a Service Stability LCD warning along with an Anti-Lock Brake as well as Traction Control Lights that would come on and then go off the next time you started the car. Sometimes we could drive the car 5 times without these warnings coming on. they are either all three on or all three off. Cadillac Dealer Service Department diagnosis showed Brake Pressure Module Valve (BPMV) Pump motor Stuck. They Un-Stuck the pump Motor and ran several Anti=Lock stops to free-up the motor, and cleared the code. They said if the code returns I'll need to replace the BPMV. I checked with the Parts Department on the cost it is $1500.00. Needless to say if this occurs I'll probably seek one out in a Junk Yard, unless anyone can give me a better solution. Can someone tell me where this valve is located on the car.