Wanted to give something back to you guys as you have helped me maintain my 2000 Seville STS and made it even more of a pleasure to drive.

Original tires were the Michelin Symettry's (sp?). Not a bad tire but I have never liked the look. Went anal and checked all the sites and read the reviews. I checked prices online. I pulled the plug on the Versado's 2 months ago. $546 total from purchase to installation. No one in the DC Metro would sell them for less than $660.00.

These tires are so quiet (I mean quiet) and the ride is so smooth. The sidewall of this H rated rubber handles the corners .

Not much that I praise but I had to pass this along. I have a white diamond with chrome wheels but I've had 3 guys notice the tires. She is a good looking tire. I believe it's a great value.