I'm about to replace the struts and control arm bushings on my '99 Cat. Played around inside (loosened the strut mount bolts) and saw two things that concern me (since I've never done this type of work before):
1st) there is a bracket halfway up the strut that is attached to a rod that goes down and attaches to something else. What is this and is there a specific removal procedure? I tried to loosen it at the bracket but the nut kept spinning.
2nd) looking at the top of the strut I didn't see a strut mount. Do I just unscrew the one bolt that is attached to the frame at the top? Should I compress the spring prior to unscrewing it?

I'm also about to replace the control arm bushings is there anything online that I can use as a reference to help me with this? I've seen (online) how to remove the bushings but am a little leary about removing the control arm.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.