Carnut, I have a 85 Riviera that has a leaking exhause solenoid on it. I am trying to find someone who can rebuild them but I have some questions first that maybe you can help with. They are the same compressors for Riv/Eldo.Toro. Everytime I get one out of salvage the compressors leak down. I even had a leak down tool made and permantely mounted under the hood like the one the service manual mentions to use. To keep from beating a dead horse again here is a link to the question on the AACA forum. (well that didn't work, won't let me post because I haven't posted enough on here!)
I'd also maybe interested in emailing you about this to see if we can come up with something. As many Eldorados, Rivieras and Toronados from 79-85 there are out there -- No one rebuilds them for us! I'd like to try and change that. Thanks so much.