i have a 2000 dts. i think there are two problems. when going over bumps at low speeds i hear a metallic rattling sound from the front end. i checked the end links, they are tight and the rubber grommets are in good shape. i checked and replaced the upper strut mounts one was bad but i replaced both anyway. front end is tight. jacked up and no movement at 6/3 or 12/6. the only other thing i notice is a clunk from the transmission mount. the one nearest the firewall. it is bolted to the cradle and transmission it has a square piece of steel in the middle of a square hole but no rubber in there, im thinking thats it! i look on oreilys online catalog and the picture of the new mount has no rubber in this hole either wtf. can this cause clunking over bumps and dips like a bad end link? the other problem is at speeds 25 to infinity i feel like somethings loose in the front end. up and down movement. doesnt feel like an out of balanced tire. if the road is smooth it doesnt happen, but any bumps or unsmoothness of the road the front bounces up and down till smooth pavement is felt again. the whole car doesnt bounce up and down like bad shocks you can just feel an up /down shake in the suspension.