Hi folks,
I am new to this forum and would really appreciate any help that your collective years of experience and expertise might offer.
The problem I have (for a couple of weeks now) with my 1992 Fleetwood (FWD) 4 DR (75,000 kms) is that when I start my car in the cold the Traction Active (lower rt.blue light) comes on for no apparent reason. When the Traction comes on I hear a pump or motor kicking in under the hood, it will run for 15 sec. to a minute or two. I haven't even gotten into the car yet, just letting it warm up, which it does excellently! Now is the fun part! When I pull out of the drive and put it into Drive to go forward from a dead stop - the Traction comes on and the brakes (not sure which wheels) grab so badly I have to accelerate out of it (2 or 3 seconds). This freaks me out because I have been at a stop light when this has happened and start to accelerate and the grab gets me right away. I am afraid someone following too close is going to end up in the back of me! As usual it doesn't happen all the time and mostly from a cold start. Sometimes the ABS and Traction upper Amber lights come on and then I know there is no fear of the symptom occurring while they are lit. When I took it into the GM/Caddy dealership a couple weeks ago the blue traction light (and motor) was coming on but there was no break grabbing happening at the time. They did a diagnostic on the ABS module with a bi-directional scanner I guess (I don't know if the codes could be pulled from the CCC) and this is what I was given as a print out...

Scan Test ABS;Hist DTC 33,37,RR & LR speed sig. circuit missing;Record & Clear;No re-sets;soak harness & sensor area;NP Resets;RT rear sensor 950 ohm, LR 1040 ohm;Sensor outputs each 250 to 400 millivolt AC;No fault when tested.

Can anyone in this vast knowledge base advise me on what their take on this phenomenon is? Does anyone know what lies ahead for me?

Cheers, Tom