I have an entire motor I am parting out. It is a 3.6L V6 out of a 2005 Cadillac SRX. The right side timing chain jumped off and resulted in getting a new motor. There are a ton of good parts left over

The motor had only 55k on it and had maintenance done regularly.

Intake plenum with sensor and black box $100

Left and right manifolds $50 each

Fuel rail with 6 injectors still mounted $100

Wiring harness $100

Oil pan $50

6 coil packs $10 each or $50 for all

Valve covers $30 for left side $15 for right side. Right side has crack from timing chain but can be epoxied.

The motor has almost all of the sensors still on it. Call or text for specifics.

I have not yet tore the heads off but will be. I know the left head is 100% good the right head looks to be ok. I will have two pistons for sale, heads, cams, etc in a week or so. Call for any specific parts you may be interested in.

The block will be a coffee table in around a month that will be for sale as well!

Call or text anytime for information