If anyone interested in a trade...I bought these 18 inch wheels from a guy for $590 with the tires...Found out one of the wheels had a slight bend inside and paid $396 to have it repaired and have all 4 road force balanced through the Cadillac dealership. I absolutely love the way they look but I drive over 100 miles a day and I'm not a fan of the decreased ride quality on my FE1 suspension. If it was a short commute or weekend car it wouldn't bother me. Wheels have some minor curb rash on 2, not really noticeable. Not show wheels but def good driver wheels. I have over $1,000 into these. Wheels are from the performance wheel/tire package and came off a 2006 model with 26k miles, Tires on it are Bridgestone Potenza's...I was told by the guy they are a year old but they have about 40% treadlife according to the dealer. I've only put about 600 miles on the set since the balance. I would be willing to trade straight up for some 16's or 17's with new or almost new tires. Pref 17's. Not interested in the older style 16's

Example of these are below