Bondurant has come up with a new affordable "New Teen Driver" course for only $595!! We've always had our Advanced Teenage Defensive Driving course but now, we have something for the new driver, and at this special price.

The next course is coming up May 6th, 2009, hurry and enroll your teen right away!

Here are more details on the course:

Features: Slalom, skid control, cornering techniques, precision maneuvers and accident avoidance
Vehicles: Pontiac Solstice

Designed to provide teens with the much needed skill set to be a safer driver and respect for the road, the focus of the program is not on achieving the vehicle’s limits, but to develop confidence, awareness of their surroundings, and a proper foundation to being a safer driver. Graduates of the New-Teen Driving program will be encouraged to return for the Advanced Teen Driving program as a way to expand their skills and understand their limits and the vehicle’s limits.

Dan Dineson
Director of Advertising
Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving
Firebird Raceway, Phoenix, AZ
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