South Florida Cadillac Meet-UP

Thank you for the great response regarding putting together a South Florida Cadillac Meet! The questions have been: When? And where?

Here is my suggestion for when to have the meet- up: I am a bit of a trivia buff and research shows that Cadillac incorporated it's first "Coat of Arms" emblem on August 7, 1906 (please see the reference info below). This would be the 99th anniversary of the Cadillac Emblem. I think it would be a perfect day since it is a Sunday. It would be great to start this annually this year so we would be ready the following year to celebrate the 100-year mark!

We would need to get the ball rolling fast for the event to be ready for this August. There are several parks here in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Here's what we would need in the next 2 weeks:

1) Volunteers for the management of the event

2) Posting the pre-event planning on every Cadillac site that we can.

3) Once we have a strong indication of the number of Cadillac owners that we can expect to attend the event, we can then pick the location based on the size of expected attendance (individual clubs can organize their car rallies to the event).

Management of the event planning will be the most critical part of pulling this off for August, 2005. Please contact me at if you would like to volunteer for this project.

Those who have a serious desire to attend the event, please let yourselves be known since we would need to hear from you as soon as possible. I think it would be a real kick to get some Cadillac dealerships and automotive related businesses to help sponsor the event as well.

I can be reached by phone at 954-340-6670, M-F 9:30 - 4:00 East coast time. Ask for Lloyd.

Below is the reference info about the anniversary of the Cadillac emblem:

Le Sieur Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac was born in Gascony on March 5, 1658. He was of a prominent family since he earned a commission in the Royal Army. He founded Detroit in 1701, as well as the governorship of Mississippi. King Louis XIV awarded him the rank of Chevalier of the Military Order of St.Louis.

Breaking the coat of arms into its components:

The Couronne (Crown)-The crown symbolizes the six ancient counts of France. Each tip is topped with a pearl, a symbol of decadency from the royal counts of Tolouse.

The Shield-In heraldry, a shield represents the origins of a noble family. Its shape is of no consequence, and it pertains to those shield shapes used during the Crusades. The original Cadillac shield though, is round.

The First and Fourth Quarterings-They display the arms de la Mothe. The birds are merlettes, which are heraldic adaptations of the martin. They are set in trios to represent the Holy Trinity. Merlettes were usually awarded by the school of heralds to knights making significant contributions in the Crusades. The color- black against gold- represents wisdom and riches. The "fess" or lateral black bar, represents an award for Crusader service.

The Second and Third Quarterings-The red band symbolizes prowess and boldness in action. The silver represents purity, charity, virtue, and plenty. The blue represents knightly valor.

The emblem was adopted for use on Cadillac cars in 1905. It was registered as a trademark on August 7, 1906