Hello all--

I have a friend who is a senior photographer at Turner. He needs a LARGE car for a photo shoot, and he needs it this coming Tuesday 4/5. This will be a test shot that he will be using to present a visual concept to his management team, and as such there is not a budget for Tuesday's shoot. However, if Turner decides to go forward with the idea there will be a budget for your time and participation.

The car we're looking for will have a good interior (doesn't need to be perfect, just showable). He needs hardtop, not a convertible.

We are willing to come to your location, but would like to shoot in an interesting setting as the background will be visible through the windows.

Your car will be treated as you would expect from an organization like Turner. I also will be there as a facilitator. I am a lifelong car guy so you can rest assured the car will be in good hands. You of course will be doing any driving or moving of the car. Please call me at 678.571.2352 if you're interested. And if you know anyone with a big Lincoln or similar car that would work too.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Nichols