Hi, I live in South Florida and I have a 94 Eldorado that, of course, has the northstar and needs the whole head bolts, inserts/time-serts, head gasket etc. I have a regular mechanic and shop that I love & have used for years through many vehicles and he has done LOTS of work on this car (even though he hates my Eldorado and dreads everytime I pull it in!) but says he will not do this. He called a couple other shops and talked to them and they said NO! tell her to go to the dealership. I do not have the kind of money a dealership believes they are entitled to so I need help finding a shop down here that knows about Northstars and the correct way to do this proceedure. Maybe even knows about time-serts and owns the kit already. That would be heartening! I read about the Canadian guy, Jake, and his prices and terrific performance but this is South Floriduh. Any chance in he** there is someone like that here??? ANY assistance would be appeciated.
Thanks, gentlemen!