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Thread: CTS-V vs 2010 Bentley Continental supersport

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    Re: CTS-V vs 2010 Bentley Continental supersport

    Quote Originally Posted by Vlakaz View Post
    I second your opinion. Seemed like a very tame start from the V.... perhaps they started the V in 3rd gear?

    plus, the guy in the V is a pretty built big dude, that probably makes up the weight difference between the cars.
    Yea, I bet he has to eat a lot to keep that weight up

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    Re: CTS-V vs 2010 Bentley Continental supersport

    Quote Originally Posted by ItsJustMyCaddy View Post
    There have been two replies so far. One resorting to the "it's fast but I could mod my caddy and buy a beach house" and the other with a tasteful "car is awsome". Hopefully as this thread grows, there will be more of the latter and less of the former. No offense Mugatu, while your point is totally accurate, those arguements never go anywhere productive.
    1) Who made you arbiter of this thread?

    2) I didn't say anything about modding a CTS-V or buying a beach house.

    3) No offense either, but my observation wasn't an "arguement."

    4) It's ironic that I defend/compliment the CTS-V on a CTS-V board, and you call me out and say that you're hoping for more "tasteful" comments on how awesome the Bentley is. I assume you're keeping track of everyone's posts?

    It's funny that I also find the Bentley a superior car (though apples to oranges once again) but I kept that to myself so as not to offend the locals who are extremely defensive of their CTS-V's. Back off.

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    Re: CTS-V vs 2010 Bentley Continental supersport

    Quote Originally Posted by TMC CL65 View Post
    On April 1st Bentley announced that they are now offering an option (additional $5K ) for rear seats.

    The red Supersport in the video appears to be the same one tested by all the publications. Here is a picture below, you can see the carbon fiber brace, the back "wall" is upholstered in the same quilt pattern as the front seats:


    My bad! The follow up video on youtube does indeed show that the Supersport tested has the optional rear seats.


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