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Thread: No interest in this forum?

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    scourge Guest

    Re: No interest in this forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ls1 Catera project
    Hmm, just a thing I remembered who knows of Claudia the world famous model. Have you seen her with Catera on TV in the comersial they made runing away from the goast like around when Catera came out. (I have not seen it but i got a pic on my pc of it) I try getting some info.

    I've never seen a Claudia Schiffer ad only Cindy Crawford. BTW: Great name. I hope you are successful at putting an LS1 into a Catera. Will you stay AT or go with a 5-speed? I had advocated using a Northstar for a long time now and Cadillac Hot Rod Fabricators assures me that they can do it. LS1/Northstar, hey its badass no matter which one, eh?

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    My bad for type O.....

    Its Cindy Crawford you are correct I always mix those 2 together no matter what. So many chix too many names to know of.

    Thanks for you hoping me swaping the SL1. Well, I got a really good buddy hot rod sience mechanic which about 50 years old with probably 50 years of knowledge about swaps. He does project like 60's VW bugs with V8 small blocks in them which run low 13's at local tracks.

    Back in the day me and my buddy came up to his house and asked him about my friends 87 MK3 Supra if he could swap it to V8 he told us its posible. That was in 2001. I have not seen my friend Supra or this Sience mechanic ever since. He lives by my house about 10 min away and I am sure once he sees the Caddie he is going to help me out for some money of curze. Its someting that would make him and me feel proud and he be happy to see one of his last projects he does before his last days he lives. Hmm trany ? I think I am going to stay with auto maybe with shift kit that would let me control engine speeds.


    Ls1 Catera project

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    scourge Guest

    Re: No interest in this forum?

    Saw a Ford Crown Vic police intercpetor package with a 5 speed at the drifting D1 competition at Irindale on the Option Video #113. So, I would think a 5 speed in the Caddy would be nicer than an AT with the control it would give.

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