I took my Caddy off the road in November, and I will be putting it back on the road fairly soon. I sat it I knew it needed a water pump and to have the Detent(kick-down) cable seal replaced, replace the rear seal, pan gasket, and filter for $250 on the transmission because it was leaking. It would only leak when the weather was warm, so I was messing with the car today, The battery was dead ass a door knob which was not a surprise so I jumped it and got it started, put it in reverse nothing happened, put it in drive nothing happened, then i put a jug of Transmission fluid in it and let it it for a while and it did begin to move when I put it in gear. Although it was very sluggish, so I take it that there is not any transmission fluid in the car, and I need to add some before I make any plans, to move it. Also i was wondering if i should buy a battery tender and just keep the battery charged until i am ready to use it because I got it tested and it is still a good battery but just dead.

Also the guy i brough the car from got a flipdown Tv installed in the back and it has stopped working and i am trying to figure out why. The flip down is connected to the two 7 inch sunvisor panels that work fine, and they are all connected thru the radio which works fine. So I am tring to figure out why the tv is not working and where would the power source be. I know it is ran off a 12V Dc Power supply and the tv has not worked since I had my engine Swap about a year ago. Any Suggestions? He is the link to the flip down: http://www.tview.us/T156IR.htm
Where would the power supply run to?? Because when I turn the car off everything goes off. as it should.