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I Bought my 89 Brougham with codes, i checked them and it was nothing serious, a malfunctioning TPS, Lambda (o2 Sensor) and MAP sensor...and the MAP sensor issue showed to be that it's electrical connector was not connected x) Now I've replaced the TPS and on Monday i will get the O2 sensor replaced, it was stuck so hard that i was not able to fix it myself. I made a little tutorial for you guys who do not know how to check the codes, it's simple Attachment 142177

Here is a LINK to a site where you can translate the codes from OBD 1 VIN Y systems http://www.troublecodes.net/GM/87-90_50Y/
I had my Oxygen sensor done at the shop too. Where they are located, they get welded on.

Nice Picture tutorial. I wish I had it years ago.