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This will be a work in progress, so check back often! to test opera light 110v inverter tech info

Cadillac History in pictures

How rare is my Cadillac, and what options does it have?

SPID RPO decoder (type in your info for all your options - note some codes have been re-used by GM for different things)

GM RPO .pdf file

Adding HEI to your 472/500


Paint colors and codes

OBDI Code Reference Thread

Oil and filter discussion

How to replace your heater core

How to program a keyless remote

Adding factory Cadillac rear discs to your drum rear end

Suspension/steering rebuild

Updating your radio, MP3, etc

1977-1979 DeVilles

Cadillac coupes

Fix your Astroroof leak, how to clear the tubes

93-96 productions numbers by color