Effective 8/3/2013, we have changed the options for purchasing CTS, CTS-V, STS, and STS-V motor mounts. Silicone thermal jackets (heat shields) are now included in the purchase unless otherwise specified.

Before today, the silicone jackets were offered as an option for an additional $35, bringing the total for motor mounts and thermal jackets to $185. Now, the total for the mounts and jackets has been dropped to $159.99 with an option to exclude the thermal jackets for $20 less. Motor mounts alone are now $139.99.

Basically, we lowered the price of our motor mounts and thermal jackets. We are also including the thermal jackets unless otherwise specified.

If you have any questions please contact me at 586-510-4042 or email me at Sales@Revshift.com.

Thank you,

John @ Revshift