First, I'm new here as I have just purchased my first Cadillac hardware, (grin). 1941 Chev 1.5 ton farm truck with a flathead Cadillac motor. Nice clean installation, but truck is nearly junk now.

How do I learn more about the Cad 346, which, I guess, is what I have in this truck. Any way to determine year of production of engine? I am building a 1940's 1.5 ton Chev truck, (yes, sorry it's not a Cad truck), and now I am looking at this flathead Cad and thinking this could be something worthwhile. Truck has not run for years and I want to see if the engine could still be OK.

Where on the engine do I look for identifying marks, etc.? I have read these engines were widely used in military applications in WWII.

Thanks for any tips,
E. WA state