Saturday afternoon, (7/8) I park my car (05 CTS LS) at home after a trip. As I got out of the car I caught the un-mistakable odor of burning oil. Upon further investigation I found oil leaking from the rear end.

Sunday morning call On Star and they hook me up with a local towing company. The tow company arrives approx 45 minutes later and the first thing I hear is “Man you know where the tow hooks are for this Car? We have a lot of problems when we tow these Cadillac’s and boy you don’t want to hear the problems we have with those Lexus.” The next thing I know, I’m asked to look in the trunk to find the tow hook eye. As I’m about to check the owners manual to locate the info. I hear, “Forget it, I can hook the front axle and the rear axle without the tow hooks.” Now I’m already saying to myself, how can Cadillac call a towing company that does not know how to tow their product?

Somehow, the car gets dropped off without falling off the truck, and I get a call Monday morning telling me the differential seal is leaking. So I say OK, “while you have the vehicle, change the oil and rotate tires (oil life indicator says 28% and its been approx 6K since last rotation). Also there is a crackle in the radio when I listen to AM, and there is a difference in the volume when I change from XM to FM/CD . How about checking that out.” Then I ask for transportation until the car gets fixed so the dealer provides me a 06 SRX from Enterprise (by the way, there is no difference in the volume between XM and AM/FM and the AM stations don’t crackle in the SRX).

Get a call Tuesday and told the car is ready. Get off work and drive to the dealership. Pay for the oil change and rotation and check the dealer work order. The service writer states "that sound is going to vary with the output of the XM Satellite radio station. No corrective action needed at this time". So I pick the car up and notice that the Oil Life indicator has not been reset to 100%, and there is no windshield sticker showing the date and mileage of the oil change. Then just as soon as I drive away from the dealer’s lot, the AM radio is crackling as usual.

In review, the OnStar service was good. Keep up the good work!

As for the tow company, please send the Regional/District Manager to train the towing company used on how to tow the Cadillac vehicles!

The rental car program works well. It was nice to have another Cadillac to drive while mine was repaired.

As for the dealer's attention to detail, how hard can it be to reset the oil change indicator, and put a sticker on the windshield; and simple drive the vehicle for a few blocks to hear the crackle in the AM radio?

Come on folks, get your dealers to understand attention to detail is EXPECTED every time I send my car to a dealer!! Also, I really enjoy my car, but it seems there is a problem with the rear ends (just read the cadillac forum). You've got a great product!! Just get the little things fixed