I have been a loyal GM customer. Since 1997, I have purchased six GM vehicles for a total cost of well over $100,000.

On the morning of December 10, 2005, I got up and found the rear window of my 2005 Cadillac STS shattered. I called Cadillac Customer Service and opened service request # 1-308309711. Roadside Assistance dispatched Extreme Towing. to pick up my car. The driver was a young man named Brian. I expressed concern about glass damage to the paint during transport and Brian told me that usually glass didn’t cause much damage and not to worry. Brian attempted to back my car onto the flatbed and dragged the front end on the driveway. We hollered at him. He drove the car forward and scraped the front end some more. He got the blocks, adjusted the angle on the flatbed and tried again. On the second try, he got the car onto the flatbed without dragging the front end. The second try was too late; there was already damage to the front end of the car. My boyfriend and I pointed out the front end damage to Brian and he assured us that “we will take care of it” and not to worry. I contacted Roadside Assistance and opened a claim for the damage to the front end. I learned via a voicemail message that Roadside Assistance got the facts wrong and thought I was claiming that the rear window had been damaged during the tow. That claim was subsequently closed. My dealer was very helpful and accommodating. They replaced the rear window as a warranty repair. I picked it up on the evening of Friday, December 16. On Saturday, December 17, I checked out the car in the daylight. I found that there was still glass in the interior, and also on the exterior, primarily in the area where the front windshield wipers rest. I also noticed chipped paint on the roof and hood. There were chips in the front windshield. When I turned on the stereo, I could hear glass rattling around inside the rear speaker.Between the dates of December 19 and December 28, I made a number of telephone calls to both Roadside Assistance damage claims and the Cadillac Customer Service center. Each entity referred me to the other. Meanwhile, my dealer and I agreed to send my car to the body shop and I opened a claim with my insurance company, State Farm Insurance.My out of pocket costs are soaring at an alarming rate for a “warranty” repair while the two arms of GM each point to the other for who should pay. Certainly it shouldn’t be me who pays?