I wanted to sit down andwrite this email to convey to you my deep disappointment in your service of my2009 CTS V that I purchased from your dealership. As you may or may notknow, I just picked my car up on Monday after having the motor replaced for thesecond time after a approx 6 week wait with little communication as to what wasgoing on. Your service department replaced the first motor also. Let me explain the many areas of disappointment in the quality of service thatI have received from your service department. Let’s start with the firstmotor replacement, I was told that it was a manufacturing defect that spun thebearing and it was covered by warranty since I have always had the oil changeand factory recommended service on a regular basis by either your dealership orby Tustin Cadillac. After the first motor was installed I took greatpains for the first 2000 miles to slowly break in the motor by beingextremely easy on the accelerator at all times. When the low oil pressurelight came on, I immediately took it in to your service department. WhenI took it to your service department, Sara told me that the car also needbrakes done on it. I had the oil changed and the brakes done on the car,it took a couple days………no big deal. When I picked the car up I was toldthat the low oil pressure was not a problem and that they “cleared” the signal.On a side note………. After picking the car up and going home I had to cleanall the greasy hand prints off of every single caliber as I keep my car spotlessand waxed at all times, I would think that should have been done by yourservice department while the wheels were off…….details………SO……the low oilpressure light has been coming on periodically so I bring it back to yourservice department and also ask to have the brakes that I just paid over$1000.00 to be checked since I am getting terrible wheel shake under heavybreaking…..a sign to me that the rotors were NOT turned like they were supposedto be. I also asked that the exhaust (that was installed by your servicedepartment when I bought the car) be fixed because it rattles so loud…….. so onto the second motor. Now I am VERY concerned about what is goingon. If you check your records you can get the exact mileage from when thefirst motor was installed to where I brought it back because of the low oilpressure and they did the brake job (they did NOT fix the exhaust rattle) and Iwas told that the low oil pressure was “cleared”. The low oil pressurecontinued to get worse so I brought it back again and this is where the secondmotor was installed….all of this within 10,000 miles???? So I drove toyour dealership to find out what the heck is going on and talked to yourservice manager. He told me that the only common denominator in the motorfailures was ME……….ok I said, “what am I doing wrong because I DO NOT want thisto happen again”. I was told that I drive the car to “hard”……….ok, whatdoes that mean?? The car has a recording device that tells you EXACTLY how thecar is driven, please tell me what I am doing wrong. Your service mangertells me that they are not allowed to check the recording device because its“invasion of my privacy”………that is TOTAL B.S……..the first thing that is done atservice is a reading of the recording device on all the BMW’s, Audi, Mercedes,Porsche, etc, I don’t see Cadillac being any different … ……….so the bottom linefrom your service manger is he tells me I need to change the oil moreoften……Huh?.....really? …….are you kidding me?.......change the oil more often??........look,I am not some 75 year old grandma driving a DTS…….I have a working knowledge ofcars and that does not tell me why TWO motors have expired in MY car because Idrive it too “hard” ………. I bought this car because I see the commercial of itracing around the Nurnberg ring, I read all the magazine articles about itsspeed and agility………. I am the customer that GM WANTS driving that car…….. Ikeep it spotless at all times, it sounds awesome from the exhaust that youinstalled and I have people asking about it every day…….. I am GM’s bestsalesman for that car………… but change the oil moreoften????......really??....... the disappointment continues……….. I picked it upthis last time and it was absolutely FILTHY! The inside of the car lookedas if the windows were rolled down for the past 6 weeks because of the layer ofdust, the exhaust STILL rattles even louder now, TWICE I had to pull overbecause the front air ducts to the brakes fell off and were dragging, one ofthem got lodged in the exhaust and melted the plastic on the pipe so I get tosmell that burning all the time now, the brakes are absolutelyTERRIBLE………..STILL have terrible wheel shake under normal braking, I was toldthe check engine light is on and I need to take it back to the performance shopthat worked on it???.........what???......the only thing the performance shopdid was put a 25 gallon intercooler on it and new springs on the suspension tolower it……..but its their problem now??.......really???? I know as abusiness owner that I don’t always see and hear what is going on in my businessaround me, that is why I found it important that you hear how your customersare being treated………..very deep disappointment that I pay so much money for acar and don’t have the service to back it up. Quality, Service, Price………. In mybusiness you only get two of those, unfortunately I have not received any ofthem with my new car.