This dealer does not know what they are selling.Period
I have gone through 8 months of them just plain Bullcrap. They sold me a cts-v telling me it had voice command system the same as the cts. Even faxed me instructions from GM on "how to". ONly till we called GM did they say "Oh it was the last thing we left off of the cts-v. Okay now...think about this, This is the first car that requires both hands to shift and drive and they are going to leave off the voice commands and not inform their dealers or customers until after they have sold the car?
I love the car but really wish they would have know the features of the car.
Still to this day the General Manager thought it was only to operate the navagation, which does not work properly unless your parked.
And I have spent endless time arguing with them only to end with them calling us a liar and saying they can not make the voice commands work after signing an agreement that they would what ever it takes to make it work.
And on top of all this, this is our 4th cadillac we have purchased from them.