As the title says, no more diesels or any newly designed diesels for trucks and cars unless....

You make the price point the same as a similar Gas truck or car, I know that the cost difference would be a challenge, however with the discounts you are offering on your current lineup of Silverados, etc, that price would be blended nicely. You would sell a lot more GM product including Diesel Escalades and maybe things would be looking a little better.

Make Diesel quieter, they are on the right track and good work has been done but there is quite a way to go. Diesels have to be invisible in Urban Neigbour hoods. By quiet I do not mean inside of the vehicle, I mean outside to the rest of the world.

Make the Diesel smell better, strange comment I know but get behind one on a highway and it does not matter what model or company, even the new ones stink, their exhaust is too intrusive on others. Great strides have been made but again not enough. Blue tec and urea injection really does not do the trick, it certainly lessens the stench but I wonder how many people are going to go the dealer to get their urea tank topped up after the warranty period ?There are those who will argue that if you use bio diesel it will smell better, true enough but Bio is not as good as real diesel and in winter even real diesel is hard to keep from gelling let alone Bio(85) , also Diners and their ilk are getting wise to the potential profit their previous unwanted renderings are bringing in and so Bio is climbing in price.

Cold starts have been an area in the past that needed addressing, good work on solving that problem.

One area that you cannot fix is the price of diesel, keep lobbying your reps for that.

With the merger of gm and mopar on the horizon, what will happen to the cummins 5.9? it would be interesting to put that into a few Silverado 3500s or better yet Escalades.

GM can take the lead in this area, once things get back to an even keel and everything has been shaken out, then sales will rise as more people will see the advantages of Diesel.