You (Cadillac) gave us the Catera, most people like them despite the early problems in 97-98. The 99-01's are great. The problem is our cars are very exciting to drive as you designed them to be... but often times they are not exciting enough. 0-60 in 8.5 seconds is disgraceful, I do know that the CTS replaced this car as the better version but the left behind Catera owners need some justice.

At the moment, there are no major American part companies that supply any performance adding parts for the Catera. The only places that exist are in Europe and are for the models this car is based off of, the Opel/Vauxhall Omega. The parts are hard to get, and most are probably illegal to use on American roads since they might not meet FMVSS and/or DOT approval. Any achievement in this area would be greatly welcome. Weather it pertains to custom exhaust (GM/Cadillac and Corsa do have a non-voiding warranty add on for the CTSV) or maybe a manual transmission that was planned once; anything- that may improve performance and numbers.

I realize that the Catera program has been and was ended in 2003 when the CTS came out. Yet, GM Performance Parts still exists, providing minor upgrades for many GM brand make/model vehicles. And some of these models are not in production anymore. Of course, its very unlikely anyone will ever read this. Reguardless, I and many others would be greatly pleased to see that a company like Cadillac still shows support for its automobile owners.