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Open Letters to Cadillac Corporate Discussion, I hope exec's read this forum. in Item Specific Cadillac Discussion; Originally Posted by jerseyvette [u] What the hell is happening at GM? The Sigma-Stigma is more likely to lure people ...
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    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by jerseyvette

    What the hell is happening at GM? The Sigma-Stigma is more likely to lure people like me AWAY from the brand rather than to it. Caddy's thinking for example: "Let's introduce a " $29K cousin of catera" called CTS, drop in a high volume engine called northstar, run a commercial or two and then put a $55K price tag on it and name it a 2005 STS or SRX V8...what the people will really love is spending $55K on a car that THEY KNOW shares the same construction and platform as a $29K CTS...and it looks almost exactly the same.."

    Anyone agree with me here that this is all way off and outside of the way yuppies think? Now what would make sense is introducing a Buick that is similar to a 2005 STS with virtually the same performance for $38K. This would lead to a psychological feeling of value in the buyers mind.

    I welcome any feedback from other GM owners.
    I have purchased my first GM product I have ever owned. I bought the Cadillac SRX. You cant compare the SRX to a Deville, they are two different animals. A Seville type car could never be made to handle like the SRX. As far as comparing it to a Caterra, way off! So far the SRX is the best car I have ever owned. I am 6'-2" tall and it fits me with plenty of room to spare. It has the biggest rear seat legroom in it's class. I was looking at SUV imports and was prepared to by the BMW or Volvo and this particular dealer also sold Cadillacs. I decided to take it for a spin and after driving the BMW X5, Volvo XC90, VW Toureg, Lexus and a few others, this car by far was the best. Bigger in front and rear legroom and more power than any of them by far. It truly handles like a sports car, not an SUV. It holds the road in any condition with no sway what so ever in the turns. Yes it's true that it's an expensive vehicle. It starts around $38,000 and I bought it pretty loaded for around $50,000 out the door but compared to the other vehicles in it's class, it's right on track when you compare those other vehicles with the same options.

    Hey, It's a Cadillac. As far as buying a GM, I wouldn't by any GM product other than a Cadillac. All Gm's are not the same. The service alone is twice as good at a Cadillac dealer than they are at a Chevy dealer.

    It's like comparing a Lexus ES300 to a Toyota Camary. Yes they look the same and are made by the same company. But they are $5,000- $7,000 more expensive and when you drive them, you can tell the difference right away.

    The service department at the Cadillac dealerships go out of their way to let you know you bought a Cadillac and you should be treated as such.

    Way to go GM!

    Buy American!

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    Jul 2004

    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    The SRX brought me back to GM as well - my first car was a '72 Impala and I hadn't owned GM since...

    In the 16 interim cars between my GMs, I was lured in twice by Chrysler products - both were decidedly built for the showroom and all but fell apart in the real world. Never ever ever going to Daimler-Chrysler again!

    My Sigma Caddy isn't perfect (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums...ad.php?t=17184) and I do hope that GM execs find this forum because a few small changes and these cars will have NO competition! But it's solid and it looks better than any SUV/wagon on the road, it's for the most part well thought out, it's got more leg and head room than the kraut and jap competitors and the bonus of a third row seat.

    The sigma platform is finally an american product that can compete with Mercedes and BMW and it feels good to buy American and not support products from socialist/communist countries! (P.S. Buying Chrysler products is NOT buying American.)


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    cguthrie is offline Cadillac Owners Fanatic
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    Apr 2004

    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    On a positive note, Caddie brought me back to GM also. 1st car was a '68 Caprice, 327, 275-300hp?, but I remember the key in the dash just like my 99STS!

    Anyway, the 68 lasted to 180K when the timing chain broke. My STS has 94K, of which i've put 50K personally, w/no problems. Yes it burns oil, which I now refer to as a "feature", not a defect. My sister bought a simalar STS, and loves it also.

    I'm thrilled with the new STS, for a couple reasons. First, rear wheel drive will definitely help Cadillac compete with the rest of the world, and second, my next car will probably be a 2003 STS, which will be an even better value. I'll get a 2005 in 2007!

    A used STS is definitely one of the best full size - or for jerseyvette - midsized sedan on the market.

    99STS 94K

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    Automobile(s): 02 DTS NightVision "Sled"; Waiting For The Coup
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    Oct 2004

    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    Hi all, my first post!
    First lemme say I am 34 and have owned 4 Caddys. Currently an 02 Escalade AWD and recently purchased a very low mile 2002 black DTS with all the bells and whistles.

    Before buying the DTS I considered a 300c. First I rented one from a high end rental place. I loved the car! It had style, class, uber power, comfort... I thought I was in a caddy. To say the least I was impressed and was sure to buy one the following week.

    Then it happened. I saw a 300 touring edition on the road and it was a TAXI CAB! There went the class and style. The same day while researching the car on the internet I found an article stating that the 300 was being considered as a new POLICE vehicle in some part of California.

    That was the last straw. No way was I gonna drive a car that could be seen used as a Taxi in my town.. or better yet one day being pulled over by one.

    I ended up finding a black 2002 DTS with low miles and purchased it. I absolutely love it.. When I get in my Escalade, (which isn't much anymore) I feellike I am driving a pickup truck.

    And to the guy saying his kness hit the dash board on a DeVille?? You must be a big boy! I am 6'1 and I don't even put the seat fully back and have the steering wheel fully telescoped out.

    I am SOOoooooo glad I got the DTS over the 300 with the optional Yeelow checker paint job.

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    catscnfly is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Nov 2004

    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    Gettin' down to brass tacks.. are people really, truly, actually comparing the historically obvious credibility of Cadillac to Chrysler? If anyone is considering the purchase of a Chrysler over a Cadillac, ... may they find someone in time that'll explain the birds n' the bees!

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    gloria smith is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Sep 2004

    ExclamationRe: I hope exec's read this forum.

    I'm a Cadillac lover as well, and it would have been nice if it (XLR 2004) had ran for sixty days before dying!

    I also think that there is a lemon in every make of cars, but that's no reason for GM or the Cadillac Exec. to preform worst than the lemon they sold me.


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    Mar 2004
    Mahwah, NJ

    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    I sat in a CTS and a new STS at my local caddy dealer while my car was in for service. I have to say that as much as I love the cars, they could use a tad bit more refining. When I sat in the STS, the first thing that went through my mind were the bench seats in my 1963 Mercury Monterey. That how hard they felt compared to my 1998 STS. The trunk is also alot smaller than the older style caddies, as well as the opening for it. The interior also also struck me a a little cheap (all the plastic stuff I guess) although the wood trim did look very nice. There is much less leg room in the back seats, although I hardly ever have anyone in the car other than me so that didn't really bother me. I'd have to say that the saets would be the deciding factor on whether or not I bought a new caddy. My friends parents have a 2002 DTS. When I get out of his 1995 Deville Concours and get into their DTS, it like going from sitting on a cloud to sitting on a slab of concrete. Even my 1998 STS has much more comfortable seat then the new STS. I know it's supposed to be "sporty", but that no reason to be sitting on a park bench when you drive the car. Overall, it fit and finsh of all the parts as a whole that determine the integrity reliability of a car. Although the 300C is a very well designed car, Chrysler just doesn't have the reputation for descent reliability that GM has now. I think thats the main reason that people who drive Cadillacs such as myself are turned away by the Chrysler. I will wait a year or two till its been in the market place for a while until I make my final decision. For all we know, it could be just as reliable as a caddy. After all, it is a Mercedes hidden beneath a Chrysler skin.

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    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by gloria smith
    I'm a Cadillac lover as well, and it would have been nice if it (XLR 2004) had ran for sixty days before dying!

    I also think that there is a lemon in every make of cars, but that's no reason for GM or the Cadillac Exec. to preform worst than the lemon they sold me.


    Thats a bummer did they replace the car for you under lemon law?

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    Sep 2003
    Hermosa Beach, CA

    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    I find the 00-04 deville interiors cramped compared to the 98 I own now. Hence waited on redesign cycle hoping for the best in 06.

    Lots of cars and SUV's have amazingly small interiors depsite huge exteriors. Numbers alone can't tell you how craped the FEEL.

    Been impressed by the VW bug for massive interior space.

    Been bummed out by the Toyota SUV's and minivans and Jaguar's for tiny seats, cramped leg room

    Nothing I HATE more than my knee bumping into the dash and hair rustling up against the headline.

    I am 230LBS 5'11 BTW

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    Southern California

    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    I honestly don't even feel like griping anymore. I think I'll just start shooting GM employees who don't believe in the philosophy: The customer is always right!

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    Dutchman in Germany

    Re: I hope exec's read this forum.

    I must say that the Benz influence on Chrysler (Mercedes Benz partially took over Chrysler) produced a lot more exciting and daring designs. That's what makes Chrysler/Benz other than GM. It seems that GM tends to create one nice design and copy it to all their products. You can even see this stealth design, which is a hughe success on the CTS and the XLR, coming back in the Opel/Vauxhall designs. While Chrysler has models each with their own style. You don't see any similarities in the Crossfire and the 300, do you?

    Cadillac is in a more exclusive section of the market. They belong there. I hope you would never see a Cadillac taxicab like you see the 300 (or Dodge Magnum). Don't compare apples and pears. An RV has more legroom too in the same price class and then you even got a fridge and a toilet...

    But like I said in another thread, the Cadillac Fleet could use some diversity. So that each class can have their best appearance stylewhise...

    Oh yeah, GM could work on some quality too. Like I've had some problems with my CTS too. It's a pity as such problems you won't see so many on a new German car for example. And I miss complementary service in Europe!!! It's a shame to be treated like that when you think you drive an exclusive car... Though it's a 100% improvement that you can select your Cadillac at a Cadillac (or Cadillac/Chevrolet) Dealer and not at an Opel Dealer anymore!

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