Hello all, I just wanted to let you know, our customer order of MLS gaskets are on the way to us. As soon as they get there they will be available for sale. Standard composite head gaskets and our SureGrip studs make for a very durable and lasting repair, but if you want the ultimate repair, use both: our SureGrip Cylinder Head Stud Kit and the Multi-Layer Steel Gaskets that we will have in stock in a couple of days.

These are stock thickness to keep your original compression ratio of 10.3:1 (93-99) and 10.0:1 (2000+) and also standard stock bore of 93mm.

For my own Cadillacs I plan on using these MLS gaskets from this point forward, and for customer's cars it will be an option for sure if we don't make it standard when doing the repairs. It would add cost to the repair process but will add durability as well.

We have 10 sets on the way right now. They are MLS with a Viton rubber coating.