1993 Allante N* recently had the intake plenum blow up- I got a used one with fuel injectors. After putting everything back together it did not run. The fuel pressure regulator was replaced along with all gaskets between plenum and spacers and block and spacers- top intake cover gasket was replaced. Car then ran but ran rough. Replaced plugs and wires- still rough. Checked that all the coils were placing spark. Just had it on the highway and was still rough and horrible gas mileage according to the computer. Codes are :P52 P109 B552 R034 T072. I did the learn idle mode this morning also. It feels like it is missing. I've had to replumb some of the vacuum lines but all seems in order. Does anyone have a schematic for vacuum lines on an early version Northstar- I think I have the lines to the MAP sensor screwed up. According to the odometer and the DIC I am getting 10 mpg.